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Like The Outsiders, West Side Story is a story about two rival gangs, and has a body count of three. It more closely follows the type of storyline of Romeo and Juliet, however, though at the end Juliet's counterpart, Maria, survives, and Romeo's (Tony) does not commit suicide, but is killed by someone else (whose counterpart in Romeo and Juliet is killed by Romeo, in the original play only).

  • Riff- Was accidentally knifed in the chest by Bernardo as they fought with switchblades.
  • Bernardo - Knifed by Tony with Riff's switchblade as revenge for killing Riff. Tony regretted it later, as Bernardo was Maria's brother.
  • Tony - Shot by Chino as revenge for Bernardo's death. Chino was later arrested by Officer Krupke.