Tonic Trouble is a video game for the Nintendo 64. It follows the story of Ed as he collects machine parts for Doc to build a machine that will get him to the kingdom of Grögh, an evil biker who became all-powerful since a can of dangerous chemicals fell into his possession. Along the way he battles Grögh's henchmen, consisting mainly of killer vegetables and Helling Guards. He also collects various weapons and abilities, including the ability to transform into Super Ed by eating Doc's popcorn.

All Helling Guards are unnamed but there are a few significant ones, or ones that get a particular death scene.

  • Robosuitcase: Beaten to death by Super Ed.
  • Ketchup: Accidentally rolled into the peapod, and exploded since rolling tomatoes often explode when they crash into something
  • Pea Pod: Knocked into a lava pit when Ketchup crashed into him
  • Helling Guard in Glacier Cocktail: Hit in the back by Ed with a stick since he didn't keep his rear armor flap shut as his captain told him to.
  • Helling Guard Captain: Killed by Ed either with a stick or a peashooter depending on the player's choice.
  • Mummy: Shot by Ed with a peashooter and dissolved into dust. More mummies appeared later but Ed destroyed them with his stick.
  • Helling Guard in Pressure Cooker: Ed used chameleon powder to turn into a crusher, and as the Helling Guard entered the room, Ed crushed him.
  • Magic Mushroom: Shot enough times by Ed with the peashooter and fell into the lava.
  • Grögh: Hit on the head by Ed with a stick, causing him to explode in a puff of smoke (after complaining and then throwing the can away).