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The Void is a 2016 indie horror film directed by Steven Kostanski and Jeremy Gillespie.


  1. Sarah Powell - Died of an unknown cause off-screen, mentioned. Revived as a monster
  2. Unnamed Woman - Burned to death by Vincent and Simon.
  3. Cliff Robinson - Stabbed in the eye by Nurse Beverly with scissors.
  4. Sheriff Mitchell - Torn apart off-camera by Nurse Beverly.
  5. Nurse Beverly - Dismembered by Vincent and Simon with axes.
  6. Unnamed Male Cultist - Shot in the chest by Daniel.
  7. James - Torn apart by monsters.
  8. Ben - Throat slit by Maggie with a hunting knife.
  9. Allison Fraser-Carter - Disemboweled off-screen by Dr. Richard Powell.
  10. Maggie - Stomach blown up by Sarah.
  11. Vincent - Eaten by Sarah.
  12. Sarah Powell - Burned to death by Simon with a flare.
  13. Dr. Richard Powell - Pushed into a void by Daniel.
  14. Daniel Carter - Fell down a void along with Dr. Richard Powell.


  • Total - 14
    • 8 Men
    • 6 Women