The Snow Queen is a fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen, which has been made into several movies, which sadly are not well-known. Usually the Snow Queen is destroyed one way or another, though in one it is hinted she might return in a sequel.

1959 filmEdit

  • Snow Queen - Melted along with her icy palace when Gerda asked the spring to come, and it did.

1995 filmEdit

There are few deaths in this film, and all but one are debatable.

  • Robber king - Grabbed onto a rope that was around Dimly's neck as he flew off with Ellie and Peeps, causing the robber king to smash into several objects, and smash into the roof of a building. He tried not to fall, but did, and landed on top of Angorra, who was stuck in a barrel, shattering the barrel and lying motionless. Debatable; it is unclear whether he died, was knocked out, or just lay motionless, but alive and conscious.

The Snow Queen's RevengeEdit

  • Pigs - When Brenda escaped with Ellie and Peeps, the wall of their diner fell over, landing on top of all the pigs except the proprietor, presumably crushing them all.
  • Iceosaurus - Was killed when Ellie used Freda's device, turned into a reflector, to deflect the Snow Queen's attacks and hit the Iceosaurus, causing it to crash into the ground, destroying it and causing a volcanic eruption.
  • Snow Queen - When the volcano was erupting and her palace crumbling, she tried to escape, but eventually was unable to get further and fell into the lava. Debatable, but likely; though her body is shown clearly intact, and her eyes are shown glowing before the sequel, indicating she is still alive at this time, but she is completely turned to stone along with her staff; furthermore, some laws of physics suggest that when one falls into lava, their body is still intact, and they may even survive for a few moments, making it possible that she might eventually die in a few moments. Otherwise, she is forever turned to stone. Although this was clearly included to foreshadow her return in a sequel, no sequels have been made.