The Real Legend is a series of flash videos made by Jerry. It is based off the video game Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, although everything is portrayed a bit differently, such as Link is a major idiot and is always getting beat up.

The Real LegendEdit

No named characters are killed in this film, but Link slaughters several innocents in the Hyrule Town Market, running around with his sword, because Navi said it was a dangerous place (when she was actually referring to the guards).

The Real Legend 2Edit

  1. Wolfos - Beaten to death by Navi.
  1. Phantom Ganon - Shot in the head by Navi with an arrow while peeking out of his picture.

The Real Legend 3Edit

  1. Volvagia - Bashed on the head by Link with the Megaton Hammer. (Note: Link was only able to hit him because he was distracted talking)

The Real Legend 4Edit

  1. White Wolfos - Killed when Link fell from the ceiling (which he attached to Hookshot to to avoid the battle) and landed on it.
  2. Dark Link - Destroyed by Link with Din's Fire.
  3. Morpha - Presumably killed offscreen by Link or Navi. Only a few seconds of him appearing are shown before the scene shifts to Ruto awakening as a Sage, as the ending was rushed.