The Twelve Devas are Digimon created by the Sovereign Zhuqiaomon to resemble the Chinese Zodiac and to protect the Digital World. Zhuqiaomon sent them to Earth to destroy all the humans, to take Earth over, and to capture Calumon so that Zhuqiaomon could digivolve beyond the mega level and destroy the D-Reaper.

Eight Devas attacked the real world, plus Makuramon, the monkey Deva, who successfully kidnapped Calumon. The only Deva to survive and turn good is Antylamon, the Rabbit Deva.

They are villains from the anime Digimon Tamers.

  1. Mihiramon - Thrown into the air by his tail and destroyed by WarGrowlmon with Atomic Blaster.
  2. Sandiramon - Killed by Growlmon with Pyro Blaster. This was enough to mortally wound him as Takato powered him up with a digi modify card given to him by Kazu, but he survived long enough to say he was one of the twelve Devas and the others would avenge him.
  3. Sinduramon - Pyro Blaster shot at his back by Growlmon, sending him falling into the water where he was electrocuted by the electricity he absorbed from Shinjuku, destroying him.
  4. Pajiramon - Destroyed by Rapidmon with Tri Beam.
  5. Vajramon - Destroyed by Taomon with Talisman of Light.
  6. Indramon - Destroyed by WarGrowlmon with Atomic Blaster.
  7. Kumbhiramon - Thrown into the air by Leomon with Fist of the Beast King, then slashed by Leomon with his sword, destroying him.
  8. Vikaralamon - Thrown down and then destroyed by WarGrowlmon with Atomic Blaster to the face, point blank.
  9. Majiramon - Head crushed by Cyberdramon after Ryo used a Goliath Digi Modify Card to make him as big as Majiramon.
  10. Makuramon - Head crushed by Beelzemon. Beelzemon absorbed his data after he was destroyed.
  11. Caturamon - Destroyed by Gallantmon with Lightning Joust. Beelzemon absorbed his data afterwards, saying "That filthy dog Caturamon finally got what he deserved!"