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The Core is a film where six characters - Josh Keyes, Serge Leveque, Beck Childs, Ed "Braz" Brazzleton, Conrad Zimsky, and Bob Iverson - travel to the earth's core in an indestructible ship to restart the core (which has stopped) and save the world. However, only two of the six main characters come back alive. The other four all die, one by one, not unlike Charlie and the Chocolate Factory style, except lethal.

  1. Bob Iverson - When the ship, Virgil, crashed through a crystal area, the hole left by it caused magma to pour through and fill up the room. Virgil was stuck in a crystal, but they got it out. Before Iverson could get back on, though, a shard of crystal flew through the air and hit him in the head, killing him instantly. His body fell backward into the lava.
  2. Serge Leveque - The ship was unable to go through anything harder than it, like diamonds. They encountered several black diamonds, and avoided all, but hit one at the last second, causing a hull breach. Serge went into the damaged compartment to save the controls for the nukes and his notebook (which contains notes that they'll need to activate the nukes). After handing these to Keyes, the doors close with him trapped inside it, and the compartment crumpled up and ejected, crushing him to death.
  3. Ed "Braz" Brazzleton - The plan was to eject the different compartments to use separate nuke explosions to restart the core, however a certain action would have to be done to make the ship able to eject undamaged compartments. This was a suicide mission, as their suits can only withstand half as much heat in the tunnel that the one would have to walk through. Braz elected to go, and succeeded. He was killed afterwards when, as planned, the tunnel flooded with molten iron from the core.
  4. Conrad Zimsky - A nuclear bomb rolled on top of Keyes and trapped him. It later rolled off him, but landed on Zimsky's leg instead. Zimsky got Keyes out of the compartment before the door closed. By the time the nuclear bomb exploded and killed him, he was smoking a cigarette and doing a recording that he soon after realized no one would listen to, as it would be destroyed with him.