The Adventures of Ford Fairlane is an action/comedy film about a Rock'n Roll detective, Ford Fairlane, solving a murder mystery.

  1. Bobby Black - Killed by Julian Grendel, presumably with poison, as he collapsed onstage.
  2. Johnny Crunch - Electrocuted by Julian Grendel.
  3. Colleen Sutton - Shot by Julian Grendel.
  4. Punk Gunslinger 2 - While he was losing his balance on the rail, Zuzu tried to pull him back up by the gun in his mouth, accidentally shooting him in the mouth and sending his body falling off the building, crashing through the floor of a bus.
  5. Punk Gunslinger 1 - Presumably killed offscreen by Sam the Sleazebag, as he is never seen again following Sam's arrival (as Smiley is). Earlier drafts of the script depict him gaining the advantage and being shot by Jazz.
  6. Julian Grendel - Vodka milkshake thrown on him by Ford, who then set him on fire.
  7. Smiley - Shot by Ford.