Shrek is a series of films. The fourth and final film has been released. Three out of four main villains are killed off and will be listed in bold. A few other deaths have occured for comedy.

Puss in Boots Edit

  • Jack and Jill - Stomped on by the Great Terror. (The credits depict them alive and injured, but they may not be meant to be taken seriously, as usual for Shrek films)
  • Humpty Dumpty - Fell from the tower, leaving a golden egg behind. He does appear in the credits, but as there is no way he could have actually survived the fall (and Shrek 3D confirms him to be dead), either this is non-canon, or his scene in the credits is in the afterlife.


  1. Bird - Exploded due to Fiona's singing.
  2. Mama Bear - Killed by Farquaad's forces and made into a rug.
  3. Lord Farquaad - Swallowed whole by Dragon, but survived in her stomach until his digestion. He later returned as a ghost

Shrek 4-DEdit

  1. Bird - Exploded by Fiona's scream.
  2. Stone Dragon - His stone wings shattered while he was flying in the tunnel, trying catch the Dragon, after his stone wings shatter he falls to the ground and shattered into pieces.
  3. Farquaad's Ghost - Was destroyed when Dragon breathed fire at him, separating into mini Farquaad heads before disappearing.

Shrek 2Edit

  1. Ariel - Fed to sharks by Fiona
  2. Fairy Godmother - Shot a bolt of magic at Shrek intending to kill him (when she realized Harold screwed up her plan for Charming to marry Fiona), but Harold jumped in the way, and the magic bounced off his armor (turning him back into a frog) and hit the Fairy Godmother, causing her to explode into bubbles, leaving only her wand and glasses.

Shrek the ThirdEdit

  1. King Harold - Died of an unknown illness.
  2. Prince Charming - Was crushed to death when Dragon tipped a tower over with her tail and it fell on top of him (the window narrowly missing him). Though this has sometimes been debated.

Shrek the HallsEdit

  1. Suzy (Gingy's girlfriend) - Eaten by Santa Claus.

Shrek Forever AfterEdit

  1. Witch - Glass of water thrown on her by Rumpelstiltskin, causing her to melt, Wicked Witch of the West style.
  2. Gingy - Eaten by Puss. (Note: Only occurs in alternate reality, once original reality is restored he is still alive and well)
  3. Shrek - Erased when he made a deal with Rumpelstiltskin which took the day he was born out of his life, only existing in the alternate timeline for a day, and disappeared when the sun came up. He was revived when reality was restored immediately after.
  4. Fifi - Exploded due to Fiona's singing.