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Shaak Ti is a minor protagonist in Star Wars canon.

(??? - 19 BBY) (??? years old)


Star Wars: Attack of The Clones (22 BBY)

  • Two Unknown Droids - Destroyed by blaster shots reflected back to them by Shaak Ti during the battle of Geonosis.
    • Total - 2

Jedi of The Republic - Mace Windu (22 BBY)

Issue #1

  • None

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Season Four

Arc Troopers (21 BBY)
  • Super Battle Droid - Cut in half by Shaak Ti with her lightsaber.
  • Super Battle Droid - Impaled by Shaak Ti with its own arm thrown with the force.
  • Three Battle Droids - Smashed into each other by Shaak Ti with the force.
    • Total - 5

Kill Count

  • Total - 7
    • All Droids
      • 3 Battle Droids
      • 2 Super Battle Droids
      • 2 Droids of Unknown Models


Canon Death

  1. Impaled by Darth Vader with his lightsaber in Yoda's vision on Dagobah. (Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Voices)

Non-Canon Deaths

  1. Impaled by General Grievous with his lightsaber. (Revenge of the Sith Deleted Scene)
  2. Impaled by Anakin Skywalker with his lightsaber. (Revenge of the Sith Deleted Scene)
  3. Committed suicide by falling backwards into the Sarlaak's mouth after a duel with Starkiller. (Star Wars: The Force Unleashed)
  4. Sliced into three pieces by Anakin Skywalker with his lightsaber. (Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga)