In the canon ending of Rooster Teeth's Red vs. Blue series, O'Malley, the main antagonist, is killed when Andy blows him up, along with Tex (who, technically speaking, is already dead), Sheila, Gary, Lopez, Junior, and the other alien. All the main characters survive (as much as one who was killed in the first season and is now a ghost possessing a robot can be said to "survive"), though the ending that reveals the final fate of each character has Sarge kill Grif shortly before dying himself, and Simmons getting executed for assuming Sarge's identity. There are several alternate endings, though, each starting from the point of O'Malley's death. One of them has all the Reds and Blues killing each other, all (even Caboose) saying "Son of a bitch!" as they die.

On the red team is Sarge, Simmons, and Grif. On the blue team is Church, Tucker, Caboose, and Sister (Grif's sister). Doc is the medic, and a pacifist.

  1. Sarge - Shot by Church and Tucker for commenting on how they killed Tex and Junior (as the Reds placed Andy the bomb on the ship and told him to detonate). Was revived by Doc afterwards.
  2. Simmons - Shot by Church to even the score.
  3. Church - Shot by Caboose with the tank (reminiscent of how Caboose teamkilled Church near the beginning of the first season). Technically speaking, he was already dead (a ghost possessing a robot), but his body was destroyed.
  4. Sarge - Shot by Sister.
  5. Doc - Wounded by Sarge, then shot by Tucker.
  6. Tucker - Shot by Grif.
  7. Grif - Shot by Sister.
  8. Sister - Run over by Donut with his vehicle.
  9. Donut - Shot by Caboose with a rocket launcher.
  10. Caboose - After blowing up Donut and his vehicle, this sent Donut's vehicle flying into the air were it fell on top of him and killed him.