This page is based on the TV series "Primeval" and its Canadian spin-off "Primeval: New World"

Season 1 Edit

  1. Gorgonopsid - rammed with car and shot numerous times by Stephen Hart
  2. Arthropleura - electrocuted after hitting a fuse box due to panicking when Connor Temple's stool got stuck between its pincers
  3. Anthony Barton - swallowed whole by larger Mosasaur
  4. Smaller Mosasaur - crushed/cannibalised by the jaws of the bigger mosasaur
  5. Dodo - killed by parasite
  6. Parasite - died from lack of oxygen after Stephen Hart trapped it in a glass jar
  7. "Dodi" - killed by parasite
  8. Parasite #2 - died when its host, Dodi, was killed by it
  9. Tom - killed by parasite after he was bitten by "Dodi"
  10. Andy - devoured by flock of Anurognathus
  11. Home Office Medic - devoured by a flock of Anurognathus
  12. At least three Anurognathus - roasted by Nick Cutter with his make-shift flamethrower
  13. Flock of Anurognathus - roasted by Helen Cutter when she put a metal jug into a microwave
  14. Tim Parker - killed and later devoured by future predators
  15. Male Future Predator - shot in the head by Nick Cutter
  16. Tom Ryan - mortally wounded by future predator
  17. Three Baby Future Predators - eaten by a Gorgonopsid
  18. Female Future Predator - crushed and later eaten by a Gorgonopsid
  19. Claudia Brown - erased from history (replaced by Jenny Lewis)

Season 2 Edit

  1. Baby Raptor - devoured by another raptor
  2. Raptor - decapitated when the anomaly closed on it
  3. Fireman Armstrong - killed and eaten by precambrian worm
  4. Precambrian Worm - died from lack of oxygen when Nick Cutter, Stephen Hart, and Fireman Cooper led it out of the fog
  5. Terry - killed and eaten by precambrian worm
  6. Precambrian Worm #2 - impaled by Stephen Hart into a water butt
  7. Horde of Precambrian Worms - burst when Connor Temple and Abby Maitland turned up the heating on the floor the horde was on
  8. Warren - torn apart by Smilodon
  9. Peter Campbell - torn apart by Smilodon
  10. Dave - revealed to have been torn apart by Smilodon several years prior to the episode
  11. Valerie Irwin - mauled by Smilodon
  12. Future Shark - shot several times by Stephen Hart
  13. Mer - skull crushed by rock thrown by Lucien
  14. At least three Mer - gunned down by Stephen Hart
  15. Mer #2 - skull crushed by rock thrown by Connor Temple
  16. Mer #3 - shot by Nick Cutter
  17. Queen Mer - shot by Nick Cutter and Stephen Hart
  18. "The Cleaner" - devoured by Silurian Scorpion after he unintentionally attracted its attention by shooting at the sand in front of Nick Cutter
  19. Silurian Scorpion - killed by another Silurian scorpion
  20. Ed - thrown onto car by Columbian Mammoth
  21. Mind Controlled Future Predator - impaled by Columbian Mammoth's tusk
  22. Mind Controlled Future Predator #2 - shot by Nick Cutter
  23. Mind Controlled Future Predator #3 - neural clamp torn from head by Nick Cutter
  24. Oliver Leek - torn apart by Future Predators after Nick Cutter deactivated all their neural clamps
  25. Raptor #2 - shot by Stephen Hart
  26. Stephen Hart - torn apart by numerous creatures after sacrificing himself to save Helen and Nick Cutter

Between Seasons 2 and 3 Edit

  1. Arthropleura - killed by other creatures in Leek's asylum (debatable)
  2. Two Mer - killed by other creatures in Leek's asylum (debatable)
  3. Pack of future predators - killed by other creatures in Leek's asylum (debatable)
  4. Two Scutosaurus - killed by other creatures in Leek's asylum (debatable)
  5. Two Raptors - killed by other creatures in Leek's asylum (debatable)
  6. Two Silurian Scorpions - killed by other creatures in Leek's asylum (debatable)
  7. Smilodon - killed by other creatures in Leek's asylum (debatable)

Season 3 Edit

  1. Marion Taylor - devoured by Pristichampsus
  2. Cleaner Clone - shot by Hilary Becker
  3. Jimmy Keel - killed by Camouflage Gremlin
  4. Camouflage Gremlin - shot several times by Danny Quinn (debatable)
  5. Cleaner Clone #2 - jumped to his death on Helen's orders
  6. Nick Cutter Clone - detontates a bomb, killing himself (on Helen's orders), after giving the real Nick Cutter time to run (on Nick's orders)
  7. Army of Cleaner Clones - killed when the Nick Cutter Clone detonated a bomb
  8. Nick Cutter - bled out after being shot in the chest by Helen Cutter
  9. Future Predator - electrocuted to death on orders of Christine Johnson
  10. Nigel Marven - devoured by Giganotosaurus
  11. Mick Harper - devoured by Giganotosaurus
  12. Katherine Kavanagh - devoured by Giganotosaurus
  13. Llyod - infected with the future fungus and trapped on the other side of the anomaly
  14. Sir Richard Bentley - infected with the future fungus
  15. Mark Baker - infected with the future fungus
  16. Jenny Lewis - froze to death (later resuscitated by Danny Quinn)
  17. John Mortimer - revealed to have died from starvation several decades ago, whilst studying an anomaly, when he and his team were attacked by terror birds
  18. Terror Bird - blown up by landmine that Danny Quinn led it to
  19. Captain Ross - blown up when his car drove over a landmine
  20. Terror Bird #2 - decapitated by wheel when Captain Ross and his men drove over a landmine
  21. Megopteran - squished by race car (it's remains covering Danny Quinn)
  22. At least five Future Predators - shot by Hilary Becker
  23. Future Maggot - killed in an explosion caused by Danny Quinn
  24. Megopteran #2 - killed in an explosion caused by Danny Quinn
  25. Megopteran #3 - beaten to death by Future Predators
  26. Future Predator #2 - shot by Hilary Becker
  27. Christine Johnson - devoured by future predators
  28. Captain Joseph Wilder - devoured by Megopterans
  29. Megopteran #4 - shot by Hilary Becker
  30. Two Megopterans - electrocuted by Hilary Becker and Sarah Page
  31. Family of Australopithecus - poisoned by Helen Cutter
  32. Dromaeosaurus - fell to its death after jumping onto Helen Cutter, pushing her down a cliff with it
  33. Helen Cutter - fell to her death when a Dromaeosaurus pounced on her, pushing her off a cliff

Between Seasons 3 and 4 Edit

  1. Sarah Page - killed by future predator whilst trapped in a car

Season 4 Edit

  1. Cretaceous fish - speared by Connor Temple
  2. Raptor - crushed by the jaws of Spinosaurus
  3. Spinosaurus - killed when an anomaly opened from inside it after it swallowed an anomaly opening device (debatable)
  4. Kaprosuchus - shot by Matt Anderson, Connor Temple, and Abby Maitland when it tried to attack Hilary Becker
  5. Charlotte Cameron - died of an infection acquired whilst travelling through several anomalies
  6. Tree Creeper #1 - stabbed by Matt Anderson
  7. Tree Creeper #2 - fell to its death when it tried to attack Matt Anderson and Emily Merchant on the rooftops
  8. Mr George - devoured by Therocephalian
  9. Beth - devoured by Therocephalian
  10. Several Therocephalians - shot by Matt Anderson and Hilary Becker
  11. Nest of Therocephalians - killed with poison gas by Connor Temple, Darren, and Steve
  12. Moria Lennon - eaten by labyrinthodont
  13. Ray Lennon - eaten by labyrinthodont
  14. Gideon Anderson - died of unknown illness
  15. Keith - devoured by terror bird when an anomaly opened in the cell he was in during a prison tour

Season 5 Edit

  1. Joe - devoured by Future Burrowing Insect
  2. Future Burrowing Insect - shot several times by Matt Anderson, Abby Maitland, and Hilary Becker
  3. Nest of Future Burrowing Insects - blown up by Matt Anderson, Connor Temple, Hilary Becker, and Abby Maitland
  4. Officer Neal - devoured by swimming theropod
  5. Officer Shaw - devoured by swimming theropod
  6. Dr Webster - devoured by raptor
  7. Henry Merchant - devoured by raptor
  8. Queen Future Beetle - shot several time by Hilary Becker with an EMD
  9. Several Future Beetles - shot by Emily Merchant, Abby Maitland, Connor Temple, Hilary Becker, Jess Parker, and Matt Anderson with EMD's
  10. Nest of future beetles - blasted with gamma radiation caused by Matt Anderson and Connor Temple
  11. Lucy - died due to injuries by a T-Rex
  12. Alpha team - killed by creatures during convergence
  13. Beta Team - killed by creatures during convergence
  14. Charlie Team - killed by creatures during convergence
  15. Delta Team - killed by creatures during convergence
  16. Several Precambrian worms - shot by Hilary Becker and Abby Maitland during convergence (debatable)
  17. Kaprosuchus - shot by Abby Maitland with EMD during convergence (Debatable)
  18. Several Anurognathus - shot by Matt Anderson and Emily Merchant during convergence
  19. April Leonard - fell to her death after a flock of Anurognathus knocked her over the edge of a walkway
  20. Tree Creeper - shot several times by James Lester with an EMD (debatable)
  21. Mutated Future Predator - killed by another mutated future predator
  22. Several Mutated Future Predators - shot by Matt Anderson, Connor Temple, and Abby Maitland
  23. Phillip Burton - killed in the implosion of the New Dawn Facility
  24. Mutated Future Predator #2 - shot by James Lester with an EMD (debatable)
  25. Mutated Future Predator #3 - shot by Captain Becker with an EMD (debatable)

New World Edit

  1. Brooke Cross - revealed to have been killed by an Albertosaurus six years earlier
  2. Jack - killed by Pteranodon
  3. Tony Drake - devoured by Utah Raptor
  4. Pteranodon - fatally wounded by Utah Raptor
  5. Utah Raptor - body pierced by Pteranodon's beak
  6. Merison Oil Employee E4869-7 - eaten by Titanoboa
  7. Jim - devoured by Jurassic Beetles
  8. Several Jurassic Beetles - killed by Evan Cross and Dylan Weir
  9. Pallavi Grewal - devoured by Jurassic Beetles
  10. Jurassic Beetle Queen - shot by Samantha Sedaris (debatable)
  11. Blake - devoured by Terror Bird
  12. Terror Bird - died from multiple tazer shots
  13. Bill Pierson - devoured by lycaenops
  14. Samantha Sedaris - neck ripped apart by lycaenops
  15. Female Lycaenops - shot by Dylan Weir
  16. Male Lycaenops - shot by Mac Rendell
  17. Bobby - mauled by Ornitholestes
  18. Mac Rendell (ARC Version) - revealed to have died saving Evan Cross from an albertosaurus six years earlier
  19. Howard Kanan - killed after going through an anomaly to the cretaceous (debatable)
  20. "Leggy" - shot out of mercy by Dylan Weir
  21. Skyler - stung and killed by Brontoscorpio
  22. Henderson Hall - thrown against van by Albertosaurus
  23. Mac Rendell (Existing Version)- killed by Albertosaurus, saving the 2006 Evan Cross, after realising that his ARC self had been erased from the timeline