Phantom of the Paradise is a film where the composer, Winslow Leach, is sent to a prison when the evil Swan steals his music and frames him for drug dealing. He goes insane in the prison and escapes to vandalize Death Records, but is damaged by a record press and supposedly drowns, but later returns as a Phantom to haunt the Paradise and get his revenge on Swan.

  • Swan's guards - Both were presumably killed when Winslow broke through the bricks that they used to seal his door. They were in the process of arm wrestling in front of the door at the time.
  • Beef - Burned to death when Winslow threw a mechanical lightning bolt at him onstage. He did this because he only wanted Phoenix to sing his music. The crowd thought this to be a stunt, even after his remains were taken into a truck.
  • Spotlight guy - Strangled by Winslow just so he could shine the spotlight on Phoenix.
  • Arnold Philbin - Shot by the assassin, who was aiming for Phoenix but Winslow moved the gun at the last second.
  • Swan - Stabbed by Winslow with a sharp spiky thing. His death wasn't possible until his tape was destroyed (as part of his deal with the devil), and Winslow blew it up earlier in the film.
  • Winslow Leach / Phantom - Stabbed himself, but was unable to die as long as Swan lived; when he killed Swan, his wound opened up, killing him.