The first generation of My Little Pony, often referred to as G1, was not the little girl show that G2 and G3 were (although those generations would overshadow it and create the "girly stereotype" for the My Little Pony name), but more along the lines of an older animated series for all audiences. Many of the villains were incredibly corrupt and malicious, although many either turn good or run when defeated. However, My Little Pony was one of the few TV cartoons in the 1980s to actually kill characters off.

See also My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, which would overshadow G3 with an entirely new style for the show.

  • Tirek - Destroyed by the Rainbow of Light, unleashed by Megan.
  • The Smooze - Thrown into the Volcano of Gloom by the Flutter Ponies.
  • Hydia, Reeka, and Draggle - Possibly killed by the Flutter Ponies. They are last seen being blown away like a tumbleweed by the Flutter Ponies, and are never seen again, making it possible they blew them over a cliff or into lava to prevent yet another of their evil plans.
  • Squirk - Possibly sucked into oblivion by Megan using the Flash Stone (as she used it to wash away all the extra water from when Squirk tried to flood Dream Valley, taking him with it, and the water would presumably be sucked into nothingness and disappear forever).
  • Crank - Possibly sucked into oblivion by Megan using the Flash Stone.
  • Beezen - Presumably destroyed by his wand, which came to life and chased him away shooting lasers after him (lasers which Beezen said would destroy the victim).
  • Lavan - Destroyed when Princess Tiffany, Princess Primrose, Princess Royal Blue, Princess Serena, Princess Starburst, and Princess Sparkle used their wands to reflect his rainbow beam back at him, shattering him to pieces.

The two deaths that are 100% definite are Tirek and Lavan.