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My Hero Acadamia is a Japanese superhero manga series written and illustrated by Kōhei Horikoshi. It has been serialized in Weekly Shōnen Jump since July 2014, with its chapters additionally collected into 30 tankōbon volumes as of June 2021 (wikipedia).

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Before My Hero Academia

  • Yoichi Shigaraki - Presumably killed by All For One
  • 2nd OFA user - Presumably killed by All For One.
  • 3rd OFA user - Presumably killed by All For One.
  • Hikage Shinomori - Died of "old age" at 40
  • Daigoro Banjo / Lariat - Killed by All For One.
  • En - Killed by All For One.
  • Nana Shimura - Killed by All For One.
  • Destro's mother / "The Mother of Quirks" - Murdered by an anti-quirk faction.
  • Chikara Yotsubashi / Destro - Committed suicide.
  • Mon-chan (Shimura's Corgi) - Accidentally Dusted by Shigaraki
  • Hana Shimura - Accidentally Decayed by Shigaraki
  • Nao Shimura - Accidentally Decayed by Shigaraki
  • Chizuo (Shigaraki's grandfather) - Accidentally Decayed by Shigaraki
  • Mako (Shigaraki's grandmother) - Accidentally Decayed by Shigaraki
  • Kotaro Shimura - Decayed by Shigaraki
  • 2 Street Thugs - Decayed by Shigaraki
  • Oboro Shirakumo - Crushed by debris during a fight with a villain, his body later possessed by Kurogiri.
  • Eri's father - Accidentally rewound out of existence by Eri.
  • Numerous Pro Heroes and Villains - Assassinated by Lady Nagant.
  • Previous President of the Hero Public Safety Commission - Shot by Lady Nagant
  • Water Hose - Killed by Muscular.
  • Toya Todoroki - Incinerated in his own flames. (Faked his death)

My Hero Academia

U.A. Entrance Exam Arc:

No one dies in this arc.

Quirk Apprehension Test Arc:

No one dies in this arc.

Battle Trial Arc:

No one dies in this arc.

U.S.J. Arc:

No one dies in this arc.

U.A. Sports Tournament Arc:

  • Numerous Heroes - Murdered by Stain

Vs. Hero Killer: Stain Arc:

  • Eyeless Nomu - Head cremated by Endeavor.
  • Winged Nomu - Stabbed in the brain by Stain.
  • Unknown person - Seen dead (murdered by Toga).

Final Exams Arc:

No one dies in this arc.

Forest Training Camp Arc:

No one dies in this arc.

Hideout Raid Arc:

No one dies in this arc.

Provisional Hero License Exam Arc:

No one dies in this arc.

Movie: Futari no Hero (Two heroes)

  • Wolfram's Helicopter Crew - Killed when All Might Smashed the helicopter to save David (although Wolfram survived).
  • Wolfram - Body destroyed by All Might and Deku's Double Detroit Smash (Debatable):

Shie Hassaikai Arc:

  • Numerous villains: Cremated by Dabi.
  • Kenji Hikiishi / Magne - Disassembled by Overhaul.
  • Human Shield Shie Hassaikai Member - Disintegrated by Tomura Shigaraki.
  • A Shie Hassaikai member: Killed by Overhaul because Eri tried to escape.
  • Kendo Rappa / The Rapper - Disassembled five times by Overhaul. (currently revived)
  • Eri - Destroyed Multiple times (currently revived).
  • Mirai Sasaki / Sir Nighteye - Impaled by Overhaul with a stone pick, passed away in the hospital.
  • Sajin Higawara / Sand Hero: Snatch - Imprisoned in a marble by Mr. Compress along with Dabi's flames, burning him to death.

Remedial Course Arc:

No one dies in this arc.

U.A. Cultural Festival Arc:

No one dies in this arc.

Pro Hero Arc:

  • Numerous Low-Tier Nomu: Killed by Hawks.
  • High-End Nomu: Hood - Destroyed by Endeavor with his Plus Ultra Prominence Burn.

Joint Training Arc:

No one dies in this arc.

Meta Liberation Army Arc:

  • Miyashita - Neck snapped by Re-Destro.
  • Creature Rejection Clan - killed by Shigaraki, Twice, Toga, Compress, and Spinner
  • Tsunagu Hakamata / Fiber Hero: Best Jeanist - Killed by Hawks to prove his loyalty to the League of Villains (Faked his death).
  • Numerous Meta Liberation Army soldiers - Killed by Shigaraki, Toga, Twice, Compress, Dabi, Spinner and Gigantomachia in different ways during their battle.
  • Meta Liberation soldiers - Suicide Bombed by Curious while attacking Toga
  • Chitose Kizuki / Curious - Dropped from a high point by Himiko Toga with Uravity's Quirk.

Endeavor Agency Arc:

No one dies in this arc.

Movie 2: Heroes Rising:

  • Katsuma and Mahoro's Mother - Died of an illness between Two Heroes and Heroes Rising.
  • Nine - Disintegrated by Shigaraki.

Paranormal Liberation War Arc:

  • Nomu: Johnny - Crushed under a metal door by Mirko.
  • Nomu: Mocha - Destroyed by Mirko with a kick.
  • High-End Nomu: Robot - Head torn off by Mirko.
  • Eel Boy - Stabbed in the back of head by Twice.
  • Jin Bubaigawara / Twice - Stabbed in back by Hawks with his blade wing.
  • High-End Nomu: Woman - Head burnt off by Endeavor.
  • Eye Gun Hero: X-Less - Disintegrated by Shigaraki.
  • Shield Hero: Crust - Sacrificed himself to save Aizawa from Shigaraki's Decay.
  • Numerous Pro-Heroes - Disintegrated.
  • Numerous Nomus (Including High-End Nomu's Chubs, Eleph, and Ribby) - Disintegrated.
  • Nemuri Kayama / R-Rated Hero: Midnight - Badly injured by Gigantomachia and then killed (presumably by a Paranormal Liberation Front Soldier).
  • Enma Kannagi / Magic Hero: Majestic - Killed off screen when Gigantomachia charged at the heroes.
  • Hundreds of civilians - Killed during Gigantomachia's rampage.
  • Funk-Man - Mentioned to be dead.
  • Numerous Pro Heroes - Slain by Near High-End Nomu's.
  • Numerous Near High-End Nomu's: Slain by Heroes
  • Native - Killed off screen. Implied to have been mauled by a Nomu. Confirmed to be dead.
  • Numerous Pro Heroes and PLF members: Died during the Paranormal Liberation War.
  • Briareos (Tartarus prison guard) - Killed during the attack on Tartarus.
  • Gyges (Tartarus prison guard) - Killed during the attack on Tartarus
  • Numerous of Tartarus Prisoners and Guards - Killed during the attack of Tartarus
  • Tartarus Inmate - Slice through the throat by Stain

Villain Hunt Arc:

2 American Air Force Fighter Pilots - Star and Stripe crashing Shigaraki into them in the air during their battle

-Last Updated Chapter 330

Movie 3: World Heroes' Mission

  • Coming Soon!