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The List of Deaths wiki is a wiki dedicated to death lists in movies, movie series, TV series, games, etc. (much like Wikiquote does quotes).

Some sites, like Horror Film and Dragonball, accept the death lists, and even create tables out of them. Some, like Wookieepedia (Star Wars), do not. This wiki will accept all death lists, provided they are accurate. Even the debatable ones may be listed, although should be identified as such.

SPOILER ALERT: This is a wiki about deaths, and as such is sure to contain major spoilers. Read at your own risk.


  1. No vandalism or inserting false information, or information not relating to the article. Keep information accurate. Debatable deaths or deaths that depend on a very common Fanon Discontinuity are fine as long as they're acknowledged as such.
  2. No bullying other users. This includes hating on each other for differing opinions.
  3. No racism or any other kind of discrimination. It will not be tolerated at all and will result in an immediate permanent block. Religious and political beliefs do not apply or matter here, everyone is equal.
  4. Fanfics or fan videos may be listed as long as they are easily viewable and in separate sections than the main article.
  5. No needlessly removing large amounts of content from pages. (Example: Deleting all the fully legitimate content of a legitimate article)
  6. Try to avoid profanity on articles of anything that doesn't use such language.
  7. No creating blank pages or adding low effort into pages. They will be deleted as soon as they are made.
  8. No adding pages listing real life deaths unless they are either parodying said deaths or are fictional portrayals, such as the late 16th President Abraham Lincoln in the 2012 biopic.
  9. Main villains and other villains are to be listed in bold, whereas main heroes and other supporting characters are to be listed in italics. If villains redeem themselves, then they are to be listed in both bold and italics.
  10. No sock-puppetry. (Example: Creating alternate accounts to evade block) All alternate accounts of temporary blocked main accounts will be permanently blocked, which can result in temporary blocked main accounts being permanently blocked as well.
  11. When writing the descriptions of a death by a weapon, the preferred method is "by X with X", not "with X by X". (Example: John - Stabbed in the head by Michael with a knife.) The only exception to this rule is when someone/something is killed with a thrown weapon.
  12. When adding spoilers for new movies, tv shows, and video games in pages, be sure to use expandable tables. Spoiler tables will be kept on a page for anywhere between 4-6 months, depending on how long the tables feel necessary. (Note: If you don't know how to add an expandable table, then view the source on this page)
  13. When adding spoilers for new movies, tv shows, and video games in comments and message walls, be sure to add a lot of asterisks going down.
  14. No adding supposed deaths in pages, such as the Star Wars page. (Example: Adding characters who were thought to have died) They should only be added in the List of supposed deaths page and some character pages, such as the Jason Voorhees page and Michael Myers page.
  15. No adding unknown amounts of deaths (Numerous/many/several/et cetera). If a large group of people have either died, whether it's shown or not, either try your best to count them yourself, do some research, or ask an admin to help you. Don't try to make guesses, laziness makes for bad pages.
  16. If a group of people get killed and there are visible male and female victims involved, do not add them all as "unknown gender". Either try your best to count how many victims of each gender you see, do some research, or ask an admin to help you.
  17. Please do try to avoid an edit war in any and all of the pages on this wiki. If you have a disagreement with another user about any details, ask an admin for help and let them decide on what to do. If you continue to change it after it was decided what to do, you'll be blocked for an undetermined amount of time to cool off.
  18. No Plagiarism. If you want to use someone else's writing to make a page of your own, no matter how small it might be, always ask if it's alright with them. Not asking will result in increasing amounts of time banned from this wiki for each offense until you're banned permanently.
  19. No creating pages that are from pornos/hentai. It does not belong on this wiki.