Kong: The Animated Series is a TV series consisting of 40 episodes, in which Kong is the protector of an island and fights against evil villains like Professor Ramone De La Porta, the evil demon Chiros, and more.

The SeriesEdit

  • King Kong (original) - Before the events of the story, was shot by airplanes while on top of the Empire State Building. He was later cloned (with the clone being the main Kong of the series).
  • Set - Kong used the Flail of Osiris to knock Set's staff out of his hand, breaking it into pieces and causing Set to turn to stone and crumble.
  • Onimous - Knocked into quicksand by Kong.
  • Professor Ramon De La Porta - Life force sucked out by Harpy in a ritual to free Chiros. His body still lives once his life force is returned to him, but his spirit is broken by the ceremony, leaving his mind effectively dead and his soul has likely moved on.
  • Harpy - When Lua was casting an incantation to seal Chiros up again, Tann threw Harpy into a bolt of lightning caused by the spell, turning her to stone.
  • Chiros - After Kong threw him into the portal to reimprison him inside his stone tablet, Kong smashed the stone tablet.

Kong: King of AtlantisEdit

  • Lord Sycophis - Thrown into the sky by Kong and exploded on contact with the clouds
  • Queen Reptilla - Presumably either killed by Minion (as she is last seen being chased by him), or else killed in battle by the rebels (as Zeelah implies the fight against Reptilla will continue, and she is now outnumbered).