In the movie "Kill Bill", and its sequel, "Kill Bill Vol. 2", Beatrix Kiddo, the Bride, is out to kill five evil people who tried to kill her before.


  1. O-Ren Ishii - Scalped by Beatrix with her sword at the end of their duel.
  2. Vernita Green - Knife thrown at her by Beatrix after breaking their deal and trying to shoot her.
  3. Budd - Bitten by a black mamba that Elle Driver put into his suitcase full of money, disappointed that such a worthy adversary should get an unsatisfying death at his hands.
  4. Elle Driver - Her one remaining eye was plucked out by Beatrix, leaving her completely blinded inside Budd's trailer in the middle of the desert, with the black mamba still inside. Presumably the snake eventually bit her.
  5. Bill - Killed by Beatrix with the Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique, striking five pressure points so that when he walked five steps, his heart exploded.


  1. Gogo - Hit in the back of the head by Beatrix with a spiked ball.
  2. Pai Mei - Fish heads (that he eats) were poisoned by Elle, presumably as revenge for plucking her eye out (since she called him a miserable old fool).