Kaorinite is one of the most prominent villains of Sailor Moon S, after Doctor Tomoe (possessed by Germatoid), Mistress 9, and Pharaoh 90. She is Doctor Tomoe's assistant and is in love with him. She is known for being the only character to die twice in the entire Sailor Moon series.

  1. While she was fighting the Sailor Scouts and withstanding any and all of their attacks, she was firing a crystal beam when Sailor Uranus decided to help the Sailor Scouts for once and use World Shaking, which hit Kaorinite and reflected her crystal beam back at her, encasing her in crystal. Afterward, the World Shaking caused falling debris to smash the part of the tower she was on and send her falling to her death. She was later revived by Doctor Tomoe, though only participates in one evil plan afterwards.
  2. After completing said evil plan and bringing Rini to Mistress 9, Mistress 9 ate Rini (as Sailor Mini Moon)'s Pure Heart and awakened in her true form. Feeling she no longer had any need for Kaorinite, Mistress 9 struck her with lightning, sending her flying into an electric forcefield. Her body disintegrated after death.