There are many villains in James Bond. Few survive the films, most who do redeem themselves.

Main antagonistsEdit

Original seriesEdit

Note: Dr. No, Rosa Klebb, and Emilio Largo work for Blofeld but are the antagonist of their respective films

  1. Dr. No - Pushed into boiling radioactive water by Bond and boils to death
  2. Rosa Klebb - Shot by Romanova
  3. Auric Goldfinger - Sucked out of plane when Bond shot window, fell to his death
  4. Emilio Largo - Harpooned in the back by Domino
  5. Dr. Kananga - Inflated and blew up when Bond put a shark gun pellet in his mouth
  6. Francisco Scaramanga - Shot by Bond
  7. Karl Stromberg - Shot multiple times by Bond
  8. Hugo Drax - Shot by Bond with a poison dart and sucked into space
  9. Ernst Stavro Blofeld - Dropped down an industrial chimney by Bond
  10. Aris Kristatos - Knife thrown at his back by Columbo
  11. General Orlov - Shot by GDR guards
  12. Kamal Khan - Crashed his plane into the side of a mountain as a result of Bond taking out one of its propellers
  13. Max Zorin - Fell to his death from the Golden Gate Bridge during his fight with Bond
  14. Brad Whitaker - Pillar knocked on top of him by Bond, crushing him against glass display case
  15. General Georgi Koskov - Is arrested by General Pushkin and presumably executed
  16. Franz Sanchez - Set on fire by Bond and blown up when he got near a tanker of gasoline
  17. Alec Trevelyan - Crushed by antenna platform blown up and sent falling on him by Bond
  18. Elliot Carver - Ground to pieces by Bond with a giant drill
  19. Elektra King - Shot by Bond
  20. Renard - Stabbed by a rod of plutonium ejected out of a nuclear reactor by Bond
  21. Gustav Graves - Sent flying into a plane's engine turbine by Bond

Reboot seriesEdit

  1. Le Chiffre - Shot in the head by Mr. White
  2. Dominic Greene - Shot offscreen by a Quantum assassin
  3. Raoul Silva - Stabbed in the back by Bond
  4. Mr. White - Shot himself in the head

Henchmen and minor villainsEdit

Excluding members of SPECTRE acting as antagonists of film (these will be listed under main antagonist)

Original SeriesEdit

Dr. NoEdit

  • Mr. Jones - Committed suicide by cyanide pill
  • Three Blind Mice - Outsmarted by Bond and crashed their car over a cliff
  • Professor Dent - Shot by Bond
  • Chen - Strangled by Bond

From Russia with LoveEdit

  • Krilencu - Shot by Kerim and fell to his death
  • Red Grant - Strangled by Bond with his own garotte
  • Kronsteen - Stabbed by Agent Morzeny with a poisoned spike on his shoe
  • Agent Morzeny - Set on fire and boat blown up by Bond with flare gun


  • Capungo - Elecrocuted by Bond throwing a fan into the bathtub he was in
  • Jill Masterson - Skin suffocation by Goldfinger
  • Jack Strap - Gassed by Kisch
  • Midnight - Gassed by Kisch
  • Martin Solo - Shot by Oddjob
  • Mr. Ling - Shot by Goldfinger
  • Kisch - Thrown over rail by Oddjob and fell to his death
  • Oddjob - Electrocuted by Bond, electrifying bars and his hat with an electric cord


  • Colonel Jacques Bouvar - Strangled by Bond with a fireplace poker
  • Number 9 - Electrocuted by Blofeld
  • Angelo Palazzi - Drowned when Largo cut his scuba equipment's air supply underwater
  • Count Lippe - Car is blown up by Fiona
  • Quist - Fed to sharks by Blofeld
  • Fiona Volpe - Accidentally shot by assassin due to Bond using her as a shield
  • Vargas - Shot by Bond with a harpoon gun
  • Janni - Killed when Largo's boat crashed as a result of a fight between Bond and Largo.

You Only Live TwiceEdit

  • Assassin who killed Henderson - Stabbed in the back by Bond with his own knife
  • Helga Brandt - Fed to piranhas by Blofeld
  • Bedroom assassin - Shot by Bond
  • Ninja School assassin - Stabbed by Bond
  • Control Room Technician - Shot by Bond
  • Mr. Osato - Shot by Blofeld
  • Hans - Fed to piranhas by Bond

On Her Majesty's Secret ServiceEdit

  • Strangled SPECTRE skier - Fell to his death by Bond
  • Grunther - Impaled on spikes by Tracy
  • Braun - Shot by Bond

Diamonds Are ForeverEdit

  • Blofeld double - Pushed into a pool of lava, boiling oil, or superheated mud by Bond
  • Dr. Tynan - Stung by a scorpion, due to Mr. Wint putting it down his shirt
  • Joe - exploded by Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd
  • Peter Franks - Thrown over a banister by Bond
  • Shady Tree - Killed offscreen by Wint and Kidd
  • Blofeld double - Shot in the head by Bond
  • Bert Saxby - Shot by a CIA agent
  • Mr. Kidd - Set on fire by Bond, throwing wine at him through his flaming weapons
  • Mr. Wint - Bomb attached to him by Bond then thrown over edge of boat, bomb blowing him up in midair

Live and Let DieEdit

  • Rosie Carver - Shot by one of Kananga's scarecrows
  • Adam - Crashed his boat into a crate and blew up
  • Dambala - Shot by Bond
  • Baron Samedi - Possibly killed by poisonous snakes (though he is shown again at the end of the film)
  • Whisper - Possibly suffocated by Bond throwing him in an airtight container
  • Tee Hee - Thrown out a train window by Bond

The Man with the Golden GunEdit

  • Rodney - Shot in the head by Scaramanga
  • Hai Fat - Shot by Scaramanga
  • Kra - Knocked into a vat of liquid helium by Goodnight

The Spy Who Loved MeEdit

  • Sergei Barsov - Shot by Bond
  • Stromberg's assistant - Fed to sharks by Stromberg
  • Dr. Bechmann - Blown up inside his helicopter by Stromberg
  • Professor Markovitz - Blown up inside his helicopter by Stromberg
  • Felicca - Shot by Sandor while possibly used as a human shield by Bond
  • Sandor - Knocked off roof by Bond
  • Fekkesh - Bitten by Jaws
  • Max Kalba - Bitten by Jaws
  • Motorcycle assassin - Crashed his motorcycle over a cliff and fell to his death on a rock below
  • Naomi - Blown up inside her helicopter by Bond
  • Liparus Captain - Killed in explosion of bomb detonated by Bond


  • Tree assassin - Shot by Bond
  • Chang - Thrown out window of clock tower, falling to his death and smashing through a piano

For Your Eyes OnlyEdit

  • Hector Gonzales - Shot in the back by Melina with an arrow
  • Claus - Harpooned in the back by one of Columbo's men
  • Emile Leopold Locque - Car kicked over cliff by Bond, smashing to the ground upside-down with Locque in it
  • Henchman Shark Victim - Eaten by Shark
  • Apostis - Knife thrown at him by Bond, sending him falling over a cliff
  • Erich Kriegler - Sent falling over edge of a mountain by Bond


  • Colonel Toro - Blown up by his own missile which was chasing Bond, as a result of Bond doing the right techniques to get it to blow him and his men up
  • Yo-yo Thug - Eaten by Crocodile
  • Mischka - Bludgeoned by Bond sending a cannon falling onto his head
  • Grischka - Knife thrown at him by Bond
  • Gobinda - Knocked off a plane by Bond and fell to his death

A View to A KillEdit

  • W.G. Howe - Shot by Zorin
  • Bob Conley - Knocked out by Zorin and drowned when he flooded the mine
  • Jenny Flex - Drowned when Zorin flooded the mine
  • Pan Ho - Drowned when Zorin flooded the mine
  • May Day (redeemed) - Sacrificed herself and was blown up by bomb as she took it out of the mine away from the fault Zorin intended to blow up
  • Dr. Carl Mortner - Accidentally blew himself up with a stick of dynamite due to Bond interfering with his attempt to throw it at him
  • Scarpine - Blown up inside blimp by Mortner's stick of dynamite, alongside Mortner

The Living DaylightsEdit

  • Impostor 00 - During a fight with Bond, his car was sent crashing into the ocean, blowing him up
  • Colonel Feyador - Blown up by Kamran Shah with a grenade
  • Necros - Sent falling off a plane by Bond to his death (removing his boot which Necros was holding onto)
  • Sergeant Stagg - Shot by General Pushkin

Licence to KillEdit

  • Bill - Suffocated by Bond/eaten alive by maggots
  • Ed Killifer - Fed to sharks by Bond
  • Clive - Shot by Bond with a harpoon
  • Milton Krest - Thrown into a hyperbaric chamber by Sanchez, who turned up the pressure causing Krest to explode after chopping the ventilation tube
  • Dario - Thrown into a shredder by Bond
  • Colonel Heller - Impaled on a forklift offscreen by Braun
  • Truman-Lodge - Shot by Sanchez with a machine gun
  • Braun - Truck set on fire by Bond, and drove over a cliff
  • Perez - Truck set on fire by Bond, and drove over a cliff


  • General Ourumov - Shot by Bond
  • Xenia Onotopp - Curshed between two tree branches in a mini chain reaction caused by Bond sending the helicopter flying in that direction, which she was attached to by safety harness
  • Boris Grishenko - Frozen in liquid nitrogen as a result of the antenna platform crashing through the base.

Tomorrow Never DiesEdit

  • Dr. Kaufman - Shot in the head by Bond
  • Henry Gupta - Shot by Carver
  • Captain Scott - Shot by Bond
  • Mr. Stamper - Blown up by Bond placing detonators on the missiles Carver intended to fire at the UK and China

The World is Not EnoughEdit

  • Lachaise - Knifed in the back of the neck by Cigar Girl
  • Cigar Girl - Blew herself up by shooting propane tank on a balloon
  • Dr. Mikhail Arkov - Shot by one of Renard's henchmen
  • Sasha Davidov - Shot by Bond
  • Mr. Bullion - Shot by Zukovsky
  • Gabor - Shot by Bond

Die Another DayEdit

  • Dr. Alvarez - Shot by Jinx
  • Mr. Kil - Laser sent through the back of his head by Jinx
  • Zao - Sharp chandelier sent falling on top of him by Bond
  • Vladimir - Sucked out of the plane window as a result of Graves's henchman accidentally causing Bond to shoot the window
  • General Han - Sucked out the plane window by Bond
  • General Li - Sucked out the plane window by Bond
  • General Dong - Sucked out the plane window by Bond
  • Miranda Frost - Stabbed by Jinx with a knife

Reboot SeriesEdit

Casino RoyaleEdit

  • Mollaka - Shot by Bond
  • Alex Dimitrios - Stabbed by Bond
  • Steve Obanno - Strangled by Bond
  • Adolph Gettler - Shot in the eye with a nail gun by Bond

Quantum of SolaceEdit

  • General Medrano - Shot in the head by Camille


  • Patrice - Fell to his death after a fight with Bond
  • Sévérine - Shot in the head by Raoul Silva


  • Marco Sciarra - Kicked out of a helicopter by Bond
  • Max Denbigh/C - Falls to his death after shards of glass fell on him,causing him to lose balance