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Jack the Giant Killer is a stop motion film about a man named Jack who fights against the forces of evil. The main villain is Pendragon, the evil sorcerer, who has witches and giants working for him.

  1. Cormoran - Slashed a few times by Jack with a scythe.
  2. Captain - Set on fire by the witches.
  3. Crew - It is implied that they were hanged by the king upon return to England, for defying him by trying to kill Jack and refusing to try and rescue Princess Elaine.
  4. Two-headed giant - One head was strangled by the sea monster, the other head was killed when the sea monster whipped it with its tentacle.
  5. Pendragon - As a dragon, fought Jack but was slashed and stabbed multiple times by Jack with his sword.
  6. Garna - When Jack killed Pendragon, this automatically destroyed his castle, presumably killing Garna.
  7. Witches - Were presumably destroyed along with Pendragon's castle.