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Ivanhoe is a 1952 film based on a novel of the same name. It does have a few differences, however. Though many unnamed knights (mostly Norman, but some Saxon) are killed, particularly in the battle of Front de Boeuf's castle, three named characters meet their doom.

  1. Wamba - Was fighting Front de Boeuf (whom Ivanhoe believed to be dead after he stabbed him), who drove him backward and eventually into the fire, where he was killed by the flames and falling debris.
  2. Front de Boeuf - After driving Wamba to his death, was almost immediately stabbed in the back by Ivanhoe with a knife, killing him this time (as earlier he had survived a similar injury).
  3. Bois-Guilbert - In a battle to the death, was knocked down by Ivanhoe and hit with an axe. Survived for a few moments to reaffirm Rebecca that it was he and not Ivanhoe that loved her.