List of Deaths Wiki

Ikki Tousen (2007)

  1. Ukitsu - Blasted by Unchou Kan'u.
  2. Darla Dimple - Falling into ground.
  3. Shimei Ryomou - Impaled his chest by Myousai Kakouen.
  4. Orgoch - Pushed against a wall by Hakufu Sonsaku.
  5. Orwen - Running into legs by chickens.
  6. Myousai Kakouen - Thrown against wall explode by Ginger (Note: He would later be resurrected in Revenge of Chuutatsu Shibai.)

Revenge of Chuutatsu Shibai

  1. Meerkat - Eaten by Chuutatsu Shibai.
  2. Bismuth - Thunder strikes into blasted by Gentoku Ryuubi.
  3. Coco Labouche - Shot in the face by Unchou Kan'u.
  4. Black Widow - Killed off-screen by Unchou Kan'u.
  5. Unchou Kan'u - Heart ripped out his chest by Myousai Kakouen. (Note: He would later be resurrected at the end of the film.)
  6. Zira - Ripped in half by Hakufu Sonsaku.
  7. Madame Medusa - Impaled his chest by Hakufu Sonsaku.
  8. Ginger - Impaled his back by Myousai Kakouen. (Note: He would later be resurrected.)
  9. Bunwa Kaku - Sacrificed herself to save Unchou Kan'u.
  10. Chuutatsu Shibai - Skin ripped off and kicked to face by Unchou Kan'u.

Dark of the Moon

  1. Chicken Little - Eaten by Griffin.
  2. Grace - Eaten by Griffin.
  3. Clotho - Neck snapped by Nico Yazawa.
  4. Lachesis and Atropos - Slashed by Shiryuu Chouun.
  5. Shiryuu Chouun - Vials shoots torso wounds, then smashed his face by Yzma using Hammer.
  6. Koumei Shokatsuryou - Killed off-screen by Yzma.
  7. Hakugen Rikuson - Killed off-screen by Yzma.
  8. The Griffin - Blasted by Hakufu Sonsaku.
  9. The Crater Vipers - Slashed by Unchou Kan'u.
  10. Teni - Head blown up by Ginger using a boomstick.
  11. Chuubou Sonken - Blown up by Bunken Gakushin.
  12. Bunken Gakushin - Uppercut by Hakufu Sonsaku.
  13. Shikou Soujin - Sacrificed herself to save Hakufu Sonsaku. (Note : He is not dead. He returns in The Last Knight.)
  14. Chuukou Kyocho - Blown up (alongside several other wolves) by Boomsticks, set by several chicken guards.
  15. Housen Ryofu - Kicked and Neck snapped by Unchou Kan'u.
  16. Myousai Kakouen - Cut in half by Unchou Kan'u.
  17. Yzma - Shot in the head by by Unchou Kan'u.

Age of Extinction

  1. Ekitoku Chouhi - Heart ripped out his chest by Moukaku.
  2. Saji Genpou - Eaten by Lioness.
  3. Kala - Stabbed by Unchou Kan'u.
  4. Moukaku - Thrown into ground by Unchou Kan'u.

The Last Knight

  1. Rudy - Eaten by Weed.
  2. Bree Blackburn - Decapitated by Fujiko Eto.
  3. Zim - Blasted by Hakufu Sonsaku.
  4. Vitani - Thrown by Myousai Kakouen.
  5. Madam Mim - Neck snapped by Hakufu Sonsaku.
  6. Myousai Kakouen - Tree smashed by Unchou Kan'u.
  7. Moutoku Sousou - Body shoted by Hakufu Sonsaku. (Later reformed into a lion.)