Hannibal is a film and book series about a cannibalistic serial killer named Hannibal Lecter, although he appears in each film there is usually another antagonist as well.

Red DragonEdit

  • Musician - Killed offscreen by Hannibal Lecter and served as food to the guests.
  • Charles Leeds - Throat slit offscreen by Francis Dolarhyde.
  • Valerie Leeds - Killed offscreen by Dolarhyde. It is mentioned he wounded her at one point by shooting her.
  • Leeds children - Shot offscreen by Dolarhyde.
  • Mrs. Jacobi - Killed offscreen by Dolarhyde.
  • Mr. Lounds - Tongue bitten off by Dolarhyde.
  • Ralph Mandy - Shot in the head by Dolarhyde.
  • Francis Dolarhyde - Shot in the head by Molly.

The Silence of the LambsEdit

  • Several unnamed girls are killed offscreen by Buffalo Bill to make their skin into a "woman suit". He kills them by shooting them.
  • Fredrica Bimmel - Buffalo Bill's first victim, killed offscreen.
  • Miggs - Lecter caused him to swallow his tongue by whispering something to him
  • Lieutenant Boyle - Beaten to death by Lecter with a riot baton, and disemboweled after death.
  • Sergeant Pembry - Killed offscreen by Lecter. Face was cut off so Lecter could pretend to be him.
  • Jame Gumb/Buffalo Bill - Shot in the chest twice by Clarice Starling.
  • Dr. Frederick Chilton - Presumably killed and eaten offscreen by Lecter after the end of the movie.


  • Spacial Agent John Brigham - Hit by Evelda's gang with a vehicle.
  • Evelda Drumgo - Shot by Starling.
  • Gnocco - Artery in his leg cut by Lecter.
  • Tommaso - Throat slashed by Lecter
  • Chief Inspector Rinaldo Pazzi - Disemboweled and hanged by Lecter with electric cords.
  • Carlo - Shot by Starling. His body was then eaten by boars.
  • Matteo - Shot by Starling. His body was then eaten by boars.
  • Piero - Wounded by Starling, then eaten by boars.
  • Mason Verger - Pushed into a pen by Cordell (at Lecter's suggestion) and eaten by the boars.
  • Paul Krendler - Some of his brain was cut out by Lecter. He survived for a few moments, as Lecter makes him eat the first piece of his brain, but it is presumed he died afterwards. It appears that he is dead at the point when Lecter puts the cloth over his head.