Gundam Wing, or Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, is an anime about five Gundam pilots - Heero, Duo, Trowa, Quatre, and Wufei - battling the forces of evil in order to achieve total pacifism.

  1. Officer Walker - Mobile suit blown up when Quatre chopped it in half with his Gundam's claw.
  2. Darlian - Mortally wounded when Lady Une threw a bomb through the window he was in, with the mortal injuries being by explosion and falling rubble.
  3. Marshal Noventa - The plane he was on was chopped in half by Heero with his Gundam, blowing it up. Treize tricked the Gundams into thinking that OZ's leaders were on the plane.
  4. General Ventei - The plane he and Noventa were on was chopped in half and blown up by Heero.
  5. General Septum - Thrown out of a plane and shot in free fall by Lady Une.
  6. General Onegell - Shot by Zechs.
  7. Lieutenant Otto - Crashed the Tallgeese into the Sanc Kingdom to take it back from the Alliance, killing him instantly (but not destroying the Tallgeese).
  8. Major Nanaki - Blown up by one of the Aries, on Bunt's command.
  9. Colonel Bunt - Killed when Wufei threw one of the Aries into the cockpit of his ship, blowing it up.
  10. Meuller - Killed when Zechs chopped his Aries in half, blowing him up.
  11. Alex - Killed when Zechs tore his Cancer in two, blowing him up.
  12. Inspector Acht - Mobile suit slashed by Trowa with his Gundam, blowing him up.
  13. Mr. Winner - Shot inside his satellite by his colony, which now supported OZ.
  14. Trant Clark - Killed in the resulting explosion when he (inside the Wing Zero) and Duo shot an energy wave and a missile at each other, respectively. Although the Wing Zero remained undamaged, he was killed.
  15. Master Long - Blew up his colony so that Wufei would not have to worry about them (since the Romefeller foundation threatened to destroy it if he fought back).
  16. Tsubarov - Killed by one of Wufei's fire attacks when it shot through a wall of the Lunar Fortress.
  17. Duke Dermail - Ship blown up by three White Fang soldiers with mobile suits.
  18. Colonel Sedichi - Destroyed by the Barge's laser cannon
  19. Lieutenant Nichol - Crashed his mobile suit into a White Fang ship in an attempt to stop them.
  20. Treize Khushrenada - Tallgeese II stabbed by Wufei with his Gundam's trident, blowing him up. It is believed that Treize allowed Wufei to kill him out of admiration for his honor and integrity.
  21. Professor G - Detonated explosives on the Peacemillion in order to engage its engines (to prevent the Libra from crashing to Earth and causing eternal winter) and to kill Quinze.
  22. Doctor J - Killed when Professor G detonated the explosives.
  23. Master O - Killed when Professor G detonated the explosives.
  24. Instructor H - Killed when Professor G detonated the explosives.
  25. Doktor S - Killed when Professor G detonated the explosives.
  26. Quinze - Killed when Professor G detonated the explosives.