The Ginyu Force are an elite group of fighters who work for Frieza in Dragonball Z. They each have their own colorcode and special ability, giving them an undeniable similarity to Sailor Moon.

  1. Guldo - Head cut off by Vegeta with a laser, then killed with an energy blast. (Time Tricks and Body Binds)
  2. Burter - Knocked out by Goku, then neck stomped on by Vegeta with his knee. (Ginyu Assault)
  3. Recoome - Knocked out by Goku, then killed by Vegeta with an energy blast. (Ginyu Assault)
  4. Jeice - Vaporized by Vegeta with an energy blast to the face point blank. (Gohan Defeat Your Dad!)
  5. Captain Ginyu - Accidentally switched bodies with a frog, was teleported to Earth, then, many episodes later, was killed either by Super Buu's Human Extinction Attack or when Kid Buu blew up the earth. In the Kai version, he somehow returned in Super as part of the Frieza force and officially killed by Vegeta by a Ki blast.