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Gears Of War is a third-person shooter video game created by Epic Games. The first three series is about a long war between human race and subterranean genocidal monster, known as " Locust". And the fourth and fifth series is about the humans are forced to fight against an evolved, brutal version of Locust, known as "Swarm."

Before the events of Gears Of War series

  • Niles Samson - Killed by the Locust, but not before he transferred his mind into a computer.
  • Elain Fenix - Killed by the Locust.
  • Maxon - Died from blood loss after he was shot by UIR soldier in the throat.
  • Quinn - Shot in the head by UIR sniper.
  • Bai Tak - Died during Pendulum war.
  • Wyatt Callahan Diaz - Killed during Gatka Bridge battle.
  • Carlos Santiago - Sacrifice himself to save Marcus Fenix during Pendulum war.
  • Helena Stroud - Killed during Pendulum war.
  • Egan Trescu - Killed during Pendulum war.
  • Girek C. Toly - Killed by Tagger's squad after refusing to surrender in Pendulum war.
  • Rourke-Karel A. Tagger - Killed by Toly's loyalist in Pendulum war.
  • General Sraak - Heart ripped out by RAAM for betraying him during Emergence Day.
  • Will Carmine - Stabbed in the lower jaw by RAAM.
  • Dominic's parent - Killed by the Locust during Emergence Day.
  • Maria's parent - Killed by the Locust during Emergence Day.
  • Benedict Santiago - Killed by the Locust during Emergence Day.
  • Sylvia Santiago - Killed by the Locust during Emergence Day.
  • Chairman Tomas Daryell - Died from heart attack.
  • Margaret Hoffman - Died during the Hammer strike.
  • Geril Attar - Shot by Victor Hoffman for stealing ration supplies.

Gears Of War (2006)

  • Anthony Carmine - Shot in the head by the Locust's sniper.
  • Minh Young Kim - Stabbed in the chest by general RAAM.
  • Gyules - Torn apart by the Locust's Berserker.
  • Berserker #1 - Killed by Marcus and Dom at the Tomb of the Unknowns.
  • Corpser - Fall into imulsion pool caused by Marcus and Dom.
  • Berserker #2 - Killed by Marcus and Dom at the greenhouse.
  • Brumak - Electrocuted when it bite the wire cable while chasing Marcus and Dom (Ultimate edition only).
  • Berserker #3 - Killed when Marcus destroy the train's gas tank, throwing her overboard.
  • General RAAM - Killed by Marcus and Dom to recapture the Lightmass Missiles.

Before the events of Gears Of War 2

  • Gilliam "Gil" Gonzalez - Dies from his wounds after he was shot by Locust Drone.
  • Stan - Destroyed by Locust Horde.
  • Michael Barrick - Killed by the Locust Horde.

Gears Of War 2 (2008)

  • Tanner - Killed by Locust.
  • Tai Kaliso - Commits suicide by shooting his head with Gnasher shotgun after tortured by the Locust.
  • Benjamin Carmine - Devoured by the Riftworm's parasite, died from his wounds.
  • Riftworm - Died when Marcus and his team cutting its hearts.
  • Niles Samson (A.I) - Shutdown by Marcus (Later in Gears 5, his main A.I destroyed by Swarm's flock).
  • Krav Gurst - Killed during battle at Mount Kadar (Confirmed in Gears 5).
  • Leviathan - Died when Marcus throw a grenade inside its mouth.
  • Stu - Lobotomized by the Locust and either died from starvation or when the Hollow was flooded.
  • Maria Santiago - Lobotomized by the Locust and later euthanized by Dom out of mercy.
  • Hydra - Killed by Marcus while escaping with a reaver.
  • Skorge - Died on impact when his mount, Hydra died.
  • Jonathan Turner - Killed during the evacuation of Jacinto (Comic).
  • Lambent Brumak - Killed by Marcus with Hammer of Dawn.

Gears Of War 3 (2011)

  • Nash - Killed by Polyps.
  • Quentin Michaelson - Killed by the Lambent when they storming his ship.
  • Rivera - Killed by the Lambent.
  • Lowe - Killed by the Lambent.
  • Lambent Leviathan - Exploded when Cole and his team dropped a crate full of Tickers on it's head.
  • Richard Prescott - Mortally wounded after the ship destroyed, dies from his wound.
  • Brumak - Killed by Marcus using the siege beast.
  • Brumak - Exploded when its weapon destroyed caused by Marcus and his team.
  • Mother Corpser - Crushed by the stalactite after blinded by Marcus.
  • Lambent Berserker - Exploded when Marcus and Delta squad shot her heart.
  • Jynx - Arm ripped off by Locust Drone.
  • Brumak - Decapitated by Delta squad with barbed wires.
  • Crazy man - Killed by Formers.
  • 2 Church Stranded - Killed by Formers.
  • Dominic "Dom" Santiago - Sacrificed himself by crashed his truck at the gas station to kill Locust's horde and Lambent's swarm, saving Marcus and Delta team.
  • Leviathan - Crushed by the rock while chasing Delta's submarine.
  • Tempest - Killed by Marcus with Hammer of Dawn.
  • Adam Fenix - Disintegrated by the imulsion's countermeasure device.
  • Queen Myrrah - Stabbed in the heart by Marcus with Dom's knife.


  • Alicia's brother - Killed during Locust war (Body seen in Gears 5).
  • Alicia Valera - Stabbed by General RAAM.
  • Two Elite Boomers - Killed by Barrick and Zeta team.
  • Elite Theron - Executed by Barrick.

Gears Of War Judgement (2013)

  • Professor Elliot - Commits suicide by shooting his own head after his family killed by the Locust.
  • Troy - Destroyed after he was sending the Lightmass missile into Karn's army.
  • Shibboleth - Killed by Kilo squad.
  • General Karn - Executed by Colonel Loomis with his Boltok pistol.
  • Colonel Ezra Pound Loomis - Died during the last siege of Halvo Bay (Aftermath, mentioned).
  • Sofia Hendrick - Kidnapped and possibly killed by COG soldiers (Aftermath, mentioned).

Before the events of Gears Of War 4

  • Chaps - Presumably died from old age.
  • First Minister Anya Stroud - Died from her illness.
  • Gabriel "Gabe" Diaz - Died from rustlung.
  • Sid Redburn - Died from old age.

Gears Of War 4 (2016)

  • Gary Carmine - Killed by D-bots pods when it crashed the tower he stands in.
  • Most of Fort Umson's villagers - Snatched by the Swarm's Snatchers and turned into Swarm's juvies.
  • Scion elite - Head stomped by Kait Diaz.
  • Hive guardian - Bisected by JD using Raven's blade propeller.
  • Reyna Diaz - Killed by Kait Diaz out of mercy to prevent her assimilation to the Swarm. Later revived as Swarm queen.

Gears 5 (2019)

  • Dave - Malfunctioned after taking damage from Swarm's juvies.
  • Manuel Lorton - Died in Raven crash caused by the Swarm.
  • Samuel Hughes - Killed by the Swarm at the theatre.
  • Elizabeth "Lizzie" Carmine - Died when the Hammer of Dawn destroy her vehicle while she still trapped inside.
  • Oscar Diaz - Head crushed by Swarm's Warden.
  • Lena - Froze to death.
  • Norsko - Turned into juvies, later put down by Kait and Del out of mercy.
  • Niles Samson (second A.I) - Destroyed by Locust's Matriarch.
  • Matriarch - Killed by Kait and Del.
  • James Dominic Fenix (Determinant) - Neck snapped by Queen Reyna's tentacle.
  • Delmont Walker (Determinant) - Neck snapped by Queen Reyna's tentacle.
  • Jack - Sacrifice himself by letting himself devoured by the Swarm's Kraken, who then send the Hammer of Dawn coordinate inside its mouth in order to kill it.
  • Swarm Kraken - Killed by the Hammer of Dawn strike caused by Jack.

Hivebusters DLC

  • Christa Navarro - Killed by Swarm's Flock.
  • All of Weilehi inhabitants - Killed or turned into juvies by the Swarm.

Gears Tactics (2020)

  • Bunker Gears - Killed off-screen by Ukkon.
  • Several Stranded - Killed by Locust in act 2.
  • Captive Gear - Neck snapped by Ukkon.
  • Brumak - Killed by Diaz's squad by destroying its weapon's tank.
  • Corpser - Killed by Diaz's squad by crushing it with a pylon.
  • Dr.Torres - Mentioned to have been killed by Ukkon.
  • Hydra - Killed by Diaz's squad by destroying its weapons.
  • Ukkon - Shot in the head by Reyna, avenging her father.