List of Deaths Wiki

Everything Everywhere All at Once is a 2022 American science fiction black comedy action film written and directed by Dan Kwan and Daniel Scheinert (collectively known as "Daniels").


  1. Alpha Evelyn Wang - Died of an unknown cause off-screen, mentioned.
  2. Alternate Waymond Wang - Neck snapped by Alternate Dierdre.
  3. Alternate Evelyn Wang - Bludgeoned by Alternate Diedre with a pipe and brain melted by Jobu Tupaki.
  4. Alternate Diedre Beaubeirdra - Kicked down a flight of stairs by Kung-Fu Evelyn, causing her head to smash through a wall.
  5. Three Unnamed People - Killed by Jobu Tupaki in the Alpha Universe off-screen, bodies seen.
  6. Nine Unnamed People - Killed by Jobu Tupaki off-screen, bodies seen.
  7. Unnamed Man - Stabbed in the back of the neck by Jobu Tupaki with an axe off-screen.
  8. Unnamed Male Security Guard - Head exploded into confetti by Jobu Tupaki.
  9. Unnamed Male Security Guard - Shot three times in the stomach by another guard when Jobu Tupaki used him as a shield.
  10. Unnamed Male Security Guard - Neck broken after having his head smashed against the floor by Jobu Tupaki.
  11. Unnamed Male Security Guard - Beaten to death by Jobu Tupaki with two dildos.
  12. Gorilla - Beaten to death by a hot dog-fingered gorilla with its wrists.
  13. Ginny (Dog) - Sent flying into a cubicle when Evelyn cut its leash.
  14. Three Alpha Residents - Killed in a car crash caused by Jobu Tupaki.
  15. Alpha Waymond Wang - Brain melted by Jobu Tupaki.
  16. Pizza Sign Evelyn Wang - Ran over by a car.
  17. Cartoon Joy Wang/Jobu Tupaki - Committed suicide by disemboweling herself with a dagger.
  18. Pinata Joy Wang/Jobu Tupaki - Beaten in half at the waist by an unknown person with a baseball bat.
  19. Pinata Evelyn Wang - Bludgeoned in the face by an unknown person with a baseball bat.
  20. Alternate Evelyn Wang - Decapitated by a car after Jobu Tupaki pushed her head in front of it off-screen.


  • Total - 32