Death Race 2000 is a 1975 film set in 2000, about America being ruled by an evil president that hosts a race in which contestants receive points for hitting pedestrians and spectators.

Many unnamed people are hit and killed in the race, mostly by Joe Viterbo, some by Calamity Jane and Matilda the Hun, and some by Frankenstein, but only those who are either evil, willingly let him hit them, or in which there seems to be no choice, as Frankenstein wants to win the race to shake Mr. President's hand and blow him up with a grenade to end the race. His navigator is also part of an anti-race movement.

  1. Nero the Hero - Ran over what he thought was a baby but was really a doll attached to a bomb placed by people in the anti-race movement, and was killed in the resulting explosion.
  2. Cleopatra - Killed in the explosion of the bomb along with Nero.
  3. Deacon - Hit by Frankenstein with his car.
  4. Laurie - Hit by Frankenstein with his car. She did this to show that she loved him.
  5. Pete - Run over by Matilda the Hun.
  6. Matilda the Hun - Tricked by the anti-race movement into driving her car off a cliff (disguised as a tunnel detour), which crashed at the bottom of the cliff and exploded.
  7. Herman the German - Killed along with Matilda when she fell off the cliff.
  8. Calamity Jane - Lured into a junkyard by the anti-race movement, and blown up with a motion sensor bomb activated when the wheel of her car touched it.
  9. Joe Viterbo - Blown up by Annie when she threw Frankenstein's grenade into his car.
  10. Myra - Killed along with Joe by Frankenstein's grenade.
  11. Mr. President - Killed when Frankenstein crashed his car into the podium he was standing on.
  12. Junior Bruce - Hit by Frankenstein with his car when he protested against Frankenstein abolishing the race.