Dean Winchester is one of the two main characters of the TV series, Supernatural. At the end of Season 2, he makes a deal with a demon to bring his brother Sam (the other main character) back to life, and in a year, Lilith (the holder of all demon deals) will send hellhounds to kill him and take him to Hell for eternity. Sam is trying to save Dean from this fate, and they have a gun called the Colt, one of the few things that can kill demons. However, Bela, who sometimes helps them but more often tries to steal from them, has stolen the Colt, so Sam and Dean are looking for her to get it back.

Mystery SpotEdit

The Trickster (who faked his death in Season 2), puts Sam in a time loop (like Groundhog Day) in which Dean gets killed at the end of each one. Afterward, the time loop starts over, on the same Tuesday. In the end, Sam convinced the Trickster to stop the time loop. Here are a few of the one hundred plus deaths Dean endures on that day.

  1. Shot by a man at the Mystery Spot while they were investigating a disappearance (that they later learned to be the work of the Trickster)
  2. Hit by an old man with a car
  3. Crushed by a falling piano or desk
  4. Choked on sausage
  5. Slipped in the shower
  6. Ate poisoned tacoes
  7. Electrocuted by his razor
  8. Accidentally killed by Sam with an axe while Sam is trying to destroy the Mystery Spot, believing it to be responsible
  9. Is mentioned to have been shot by Doris the waitress with an arrow somehow
  10. Mauled by a dog
  11. Shot by Kel. This is on Wednesday, and the time loop is done, but eventually Sam gets the Trickster to turn time back to the Wednesday again.


  1. Killed by Lilith's Hellhounds and went to hell after making a deal to revive Sam. He was resurrected by Castiel
  2. Shot by Walt. Resurrected by Joshua
  3. Stabbed by Metatron. Revived as a demon by the Mark of Cain, later turned human again
  4. Temporarily killed by Billie as part of their deal.