Child's Play is a horror film series featuring a killer doll named Chucky.

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Before the films Edit

  1. Vivian Van Pelt - Strangled by Charles Lee Ray, then dumped into the lake.
  2. Daniel Pierce - Drowned by Charles Lee Ray.
  3. Tiffany's Mother - Killed by Charles Lee Ray.

About 18 unknown victims were killed by Charles Lee Ray.

Child's Play Edit

  1. Charles Lee Ray - Shot by Mike Norris. He used a voodoo ritual at the time of his death to transfer his soul into a doll, and now goes by the name Chucky.
  2. Maggie "Margaret" Peterson - Hit in the head by Chucky with a hammer, and fell out the window
  3. Eddie "Edward" Caputo - Fired his gun, unaware that Chucky had turned up the gas in the house, so the gunshot caused an explosion that killed Eddie.
  4. John Simonsen - Killed when Chucky stabbed a voodoo doll of him.
  5. Dr. Ardmore - Killed when Chucky placed an electric device on his head and fried him.
  6. Chucky - Shot in the heart by Mike Norris.*

*Ressurected when Mattson put him back together.

Child's Play 2 Edit

  1. Technician - Electrocuted by the device that was putting Chucky back together, when it became electrified due to Chucky coming back to life
  2. Mattson - Suffocated by Chucky with a plastic wrap.
  3. Miss Kettlewell - Beaten to death by Chucky with a yardstick.
  4. Phillip Simpson - Tripped by Chucky with a hook, then sent falling over the stairs, breaking his neck.
  5. Joanne Simpson - Throat slit off-screen by Chucky.
  6. Grace Poole - Stabbed in the stomach by Chucky.
  7. Technician - Stabbed in the eyes by machines that puts eyes into Good Guys dolls after being slashed in the cheek by Chucky.
  8. Chucky - Air hose shoved into his mouth by Kyle, causing his head to explode.*

*Ressurected when his blood falls into a vat of wax to make a new doll.

Child's Play 3 Edit

  1. Christopher Sullivan - Strangled by Chucky with a yoyo.
  2. Garbage Man - Crushed inside the trash compactor of his garbage truck, when Chucky turned it on.
  3. Colonel Cochrane - Suffered from a heart attack when Chucky was attacking him (much to Chucky's surprise since the death was not intended)
  4. Sgt. Botnick - Throat slit by Chucky with a sharp razor.
  5. Cadet Lt. Col. Brett C. Shelton - Accidentally shot by Major Rawlings, who was oblivious that Chucky had replaced the paintball rounds of the guns with live rounds.
  6. Harold Whitehurst - Jumped onto a grenade thrown by Chucky to absorb the explosion and sacrificed himself to save everyone else.
  7. Security Guard - Shot in the head by Chucky off-screen.
  8. Chucky - Shot by Andy, ripping his arm off, then hand cut off and thrown into a giant fan, slicing him to pieces.*

*Ressurected when Tiffany put him back together.

Bride of Chucky Edit

  1. Robert Bailey - Throat slit by Tiffany.
  2. Damien Baylock - Smothered by Chucky with a pillow.
  3. Tiffany - Electrocuted in the bathtub by Chucky throwing a TV into it. He then transferred her soul into a doll.
  4. Officer Norton - Killed when Chucky set fire to the fuel tank of his car to make it explode.
  5. Chief Warren Kincaid - Stabbed multiple times by Chucky.
  6. Russell - Killed when Tiffany threw a champagne bottle at the mirror ceiling, causing the mirror shards to fall and kill them both in cold blood.
  7. Diane - Killed when Tiffany threw a champagne bottle at the mirror ceiling, causing the mirror shards to fall and kill both of them in cold blood.
  8. David Plummens - Hit by a truck, destroying him in a bloody explosion. (Accident)
  9. Unnamed Man - Shot in the head off-screen by Chucky or Tiffany.
  10. Unnamed Woman - Shot in the head off-screen by Chucky or Tiffany.
  11. Unnamed Gravedigger - Shot by Chucky.
  12. Tiffany - Stabbed by Chucky, but survived long enough to give birth to Glen/Glenda.*
  13. Chucky - Shot in the heart by Jade.*
  14. Lt. Preston - Killed by Glen/Glenda. Debatable.

*Ressurected by Glen.

Between Bride of Chucky and Seed of Chucky Edit

  1. Lifeguard - Buried alive in the sand.
  2. Taxi Driver - Ran over by taxi.
  3. Citizen #1 - Ran over by bus.
  4. Citizen #2 - Hung from tower by rope.
  5. Citizen #3 - Arms cut off and fell off cliff.
  6. Citizen #4 - Either hack apart, or arms and legs hanging out of twine ball.

Seed of Chucky Edit

  1. Claudia's Father - Stabbed by Glen, then fell down the staircase. (Dream)
  2. Claudia's Mother - Neck broken by Glen. (Dream)
  3. Tony Gardner - Decapitated by Chucky and Tiffany with a string.
  4. Britney Spears - Her car was rammed by Chucky's car, and fell over a cliff and exploded in a ball of flame.
  5. Pete Peters - Upon seeing Glen (whose intent was not to kill him but rather to save him from Chucky), backed into a shelf with chemicals on it, and a jar of sulfuric acid fell on his face and burned it.
  6. Redman - Gutted by Tiffany like a salmon.
  7. Martha Stewart - Executed off screen. This is mentioned in one scene.
  8. Victim #1 - Killed-off screen by Chucky by hitting him in the head with a machete. His body was shown in the closet.
  9. Victim #2 - Killed-off screen by Chucky, stabbing him in the back with a knife. His body was shown in the closet.
  10. Victim #3 - Killed off-screen by Chucky, strangling him with plastic. His body was shown in the closet.
  11. Joan - Set on fire by Glenda, causing her to fall over the edge of the second floor.
  12. Stanley - Knife thrown at him by Chucky.
  13. Tiffany - Hit in the head by Chucky with an axe, but was able to transfer her soul into Jennifer Tilly's body at the last second.
  14. Jennifer Tilly - Tiffany's soul was transferred into her body.
  15. Chucky - Dismembered and then decapitated by Glen with an axe and truely survived.
  16. Baby boy - Glen's soul transferred into his body off-screen by Tiffany.
  17. Baby girl - Glenda's soul transferred into her body off-screen by Tiffany.
  18. Fulvia - Beaten to death by Tiffany using the Tiffany doll.

Glen is possibly chocked to death by Chucky.

Curse of Chucky Edit

  1. Sarah Pierce - Stabbed to death off-screen by Chucky.
  2. Man 1 - Killed when Chucky caused the car to crash.
  3. Man 2 - Killed when Chucky caused the car to crash.
  4. Father Frank - Killed by Chucky with rat poison, causing him to crash his car and get decapitated on its roof.
  5. Jill Taylor - Electrocuted by Chucky knocking a bucket of water over which touches her feet and an electric plug.
  6. Barbara Pierce - Eye gouged out by Chucky.
  7. Ian Pierce - Lower jaw cut off by Chucky with an axe.
  8. Officer Stanton - Throat slit by Tiffany.
  9. Alice's grandmother - Suffocated to death off-screen by Chucky with a plastic wrap.
  10. Alice Pierce - Killed off-screen by a victim when Chucky possessed her.
  11. Chucky - Shot to death by his nemesis Andy "Andrew" Barclay.* (Post-credits scene)


Cult of Chucky Edit

  1. Angela - Wrists slit off-screen by Chucky #1.
  2. Claire - Decapitated by falling glass, caused by Chucky #1.
  3. Madeleine - Piece of spine pulled out of her mouth by Chucky #2, choking her to death.
  4. Nurse Carlos - Stabbed repeatedly by all 3 Chuckies, also cutting his stomach open.
  5. Security Guard - Throat slit by Tiffany.
  6. Dr. Foley - Stomped in the head repeatedly by Chucky #1, who was possessing Nica.
  7. Nurse Ashley - Drilled in the abdomen off-screen by Chucky #2.
  8. Malcolm - Drilled in the head by Chucky #2.
  9. Chucky #3 - Stomped in the head repeatedly by Andy Barclay.

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