List of Deaths Wiki

Cartoon Box is a series of comedy videos made by Frame Order created by Joost Lieuwma.

The Three Little Pigs Parody

  1. Three Little Pigs - Decapitated by a butcher.

James Bond

  1. James Bond - Sliced in half by Superman with laser vision.

Dragon Slayer

  1. Dragon - Cut open from the inside by the knight with his sword.
  2. Princess - Stabbed in the eye by the knight with his sword.

Fasten Your Seatbelts

  1. Man - Killed when his reclining chair launched him into the ceiling.
  2. Female Pilot - Killed when her plane crashed.

Dating the Hulk

  1. Linda - Crushed by the Hulk's body when he's transformed.

snow white

  1. Prince - Decapitated by sharp glass while trying to kiss Snow White by forcing his neck to pass it.

Trying to Defeat Death

  1. Grim Reaper - Stabbed in the forehead by an old man with a fork.
  2. Old man - Punished by electrocuting after defeating the Grim Reaper.

Kissing the Frog Princess

  1. Frog Princess - Crushed by the prince's crown.

the wedding ring

  1. Numerous people - Decayed into skeletons.

Having a Baby with the Hulk

  1. Linda - Her stomach bursts after her baby transformed into the Hulk.

how to get attention

  1. Snow White - Impaled by glass shards caused by Linda's scream.

the waterfall

  1. Cowboy Benny - His right eye is impaled by a boat. (Debatable, he might have survived since his eye is still blinking, but only judging the most of his deaths where he appears in.)

bounty hunting

  1. Sheriff Johnson- Accidentally shot by Cowboy Benny.
  2. Cowboy Benny - Punished after killing Sheriff Johnson accidentally.

little rascals killing frogs

  1. Numerous frogs - Blown up by a little rascal with his dynamite.
  2. Princess (possibly actually Ditto from Pokémon in disguise) - Blown up by a little rascal with his large dynamite, mistaken for a normal frog.

Indiana Jones

  1. Numerous people - Killed by boulder and arrows. (Idol-induced)

Pole Dancing

  1. Woman - Stomped by firemen. (Debatable)

the surprise party

  1. Old Man - Strangled himself after no one coming in the other house.

dinner with zombies

  1. Man - Eaten by a zombie.


  1. Linda's Clone (possibly) - Eaten by the spider monster who disguised as Spider-Man.


  1. Man - Decapitated by Linda's skis.

monster under my bed

  1. Woman - Eaten by a monster.

bungee jumping

  1. Man - Slammed against edge of the bridge.

a serenade for the princess

  1. Blond man - Tangled by many vines.
  2. Many people in a bush - Seen decayed into bones.


  1. Cheerleaders - Attacked by a man who disguised as a bear; one is slashed on her head with its claws, others are their heads were eaten.

Welcome home

  1. Soldier - Dies when his grenade explodes.

The last parachute

  1. Passenger - Fell from an airplane and splattered to the ground.

woman on a wire

  1. Cowboy Benny - His left eye is impaled by a pole. (Debatable, confirmed in "Top 10 Deaths" compilation.)

Building a bridge

  1. Bungee jumping guy (possibly instead of Sonic The Hedgehog) - Splattered after a mayor cuts a wrong rope. (off-screen, but the thud sound is heard)

the helicopter police squad

  1. Police - Killed when his helicopter crashed.
  2. Linda - Crushed by a helicopter.

the hanging of cowboy Benny

  1. Western bandit - Kicked by a horse and drowned in the quicksand.
  2. Cowboy Benny - Strangled by a rope.
  3. Horse - Drowned in the quicksand.

The Assassin

  1. Window cleaner - Shot by Herbert in the office.

the party shop

  1. Linda - Shot dead by hitman, mistaken for a target.

tied up on a bridge

  1. Linda's Clone (possibly) - Dropped by a train driver.

The Heimlich maneuver

  1. Man - Stabbed on his forehead by a bone that thrown from woman's throat after the hitman performed the Heimlich Maneuver.

the meteor

  1. Everyone - The Earth is destroyed by a meteor.


  1. Aladdin and Jasmine - Fell from a carpet and splattered to the ground.

Star wars

  1. Princess Leia - Sliced in half after turning the lightsaber on under her crotch, mistaken for a vibrator.

A meal for the king

  1. Chef - Decapitated by an executioner after the king "chokes" while eating.

lasso tricks

  1. Linda - Assassinated by Cowboy Benny for her unknown behavior.

playing with your dog

  1. Linda - Thrown by a tree that dog gave her and slammed to the ground.

fortune telling the airport

  1. Man - Crushed by an airplane.
  2. Pilot and passengers - Killed when an airplane crashed.

attack of the wolf

  1. Woman - Hit by Cowboy Benny's projectile after it flips down.

Trying to order dinner

  1. Lobster - Boiled by a chef.


  1. Woman - Burned by a peasant, mistaken for a witch.

the love potion

  1. Man - Burned after he drunk a coffee mixed with a potion that Linda pour at.

The surprise cake

  1. Linda - Sent to outer space and her head explodes.

clark Kent is Superman

  1. Woman - Fell and splattered to the ground.

the cremation

  1. Old woman - Died at beginning.
  2. Old man - Accidentally cremated by a cremation man.

The stork brings a baby

  1. Stork - Shot by a man.
  2. Man - Impaled in the eye by a stork beak.

Dating a witch

  1. Frogs - Served as food.

parachute jumping

  1. Man - Smashed by a parachute bag.

to the rescue

  1. Woman - Slammed against edge of the bridge.

getting lost in space

  1. Astronaut - His head explodes after he removes his helmet in outer space.

donald trump watching the voice

  1. Numerous people in the country - Killed when a missile launched to the country and explodes caused by Donald Trump's button.

Stuck on the Train tracks

  1. Old man - Ran over by a train.

the disappearing act

  1. Viewer - Stabbed by a knife by the blindfolded knife thrower caused by a magician removed a giant wheel.

king kong

  1. Linda - Squeezed by King Kong when he sneezes.

how to be a good neighbor

  1. Herbert - Possibly killed in a house fire.

The library

  1. Herbert - His head explodes after an old woman gave him dynamites as ears closer.

the climbing accident

  1. Climbers - Slammed against mountains caused by a helicopter launches where a rope for one climber is still attached to them.

dating superman

  1. People in pool - Frozen by Superman's ice breathe.
  2. Fat swimmer - Splattered after he jumped onto the frozen water.

surprise party at the office

  1. Woman - Stabbed on the head by Herbert with a knife.

good night kiss

  1. Fairy - Smashed by a man, mistaken for a shadow.

a tough audience

  1. King, prince, soldiers, warrior, executioner and numerous people in the castle - Killed by objects that flung from the juggling jester.

ready set go

  1. Swimmer - Splattered after he jumps onto the ice rink.

the invention of fire

  1. Witch - Burned by a caveman.

the rascals and the witch

  1. Witch - Dies when a firework broom she's riding in explodes.

the lonely old woman

  1. Ducks - Starved after an old woman leave them for her journey with her husband.

a difficult choice

  1. Two people - Both splattered to the ground.

trying to impress a girl

  1. Cowboy Benny and woman - Died of thirst, later decayed into skeletons.

second date with the witch

  1. Frog - Seen dead in the tub
  2. Man - Boiled by a witch.

hitman headquarters

  1. First three targets - Shot dead by the hitman.
  2. Hitman - Killed himself with a gun after he looked a photo of him given by the boss.

the dentist

  1. Patient - Choked by a dentist with a saw. (caused by the hitman)


  1. Man - Smashed on his face by a bowling ball that Linda accidentally threw at him. (Debatable)

the saw trick

  1. Man - His corpse is seen after the magician cuts a coffin with a saw.

welcome home from space

  1. Astronauts - Killed by two aliens and used as puppets.

elwin and the four elements

  1. Elwin - His head is burned by a fire caused by the wind blow.

superman saves the village

  1. Numerous people- Crushed by a meteor that Superman accidentally threw at them.

Trying out hypnosis

  1. Linda - Eaten by hypnotized Herbert.


  1. Dog - Intoxicated by a man.

visiting lonely grandma

  1. Old woman - Died of old age.

an unexpected proposal

  1. Patient - Died and became rotten after a surgeon leave him for her date.

the burning apartment

  1. Linda - Fell from the building and splatters after Superman blew his kiss.

the wedding

  1. Woman - Impaled by a cactus thrown by a bride.

Romantic sunset

  1. Linda - Her head is eaten by a werewolf.

the lonely witch

  1. Witch - Blown up by a little rascal with his possibly pokéball.

the emergency landing

  1. Numerous people - Slides into the lava.

Skinny dipping

  1. Linda - Crushed by Batmobile.

the dying king

  1. King - Died, since this video was titled "The Dying King".
  2. Queen - Impaled on the eye by the king's crown. (Debatable)

eating kidney beans

  1. Numerous people in submarine - Drowned when a sailor opened a window in a submarine.

falling stars

  1. Man - Decapitated by a meteorite.

happy new year

  1. Cowboy Benny - Pecked on the eye by a cuckoo clock bird and a clock smashes his face numerous times.

the Zombie wedding

  1. Chef - Eaten by the zombies.

stuck on a deserted island

  1. Cowboy Benny - Impaled by glass shards caused by a ship blocked the path once he threw a bottle.

Successful Operation

  1. Patient - Died because his heart is missing inside and replaced by a phone.

Magical Boat Trip

  1. Magician's rabbit - Eaten by a shark.

Hunters' Wedding

  1. 5 animals - Seen as trophies.
  2. Bird - Shot by the hunters.

The Grape Throwing Challenge

  1. Man - Smashed on his face by a watermelon that Linda threw at him. (Debatable, since in The Climbing Accident, one climber survived after two climbers removes a rock)

Mountain Climbing

  1. Male climber - Fell after a female climber jumps to the man's grip.

Waiting for him to die

  1. Old woman - Died of suffering a heart attack.


  1. Man - Executed by electrocuting after he ate his last supper.

Burning the witch

  1. Witch - Struck by lightning after she created a rainy cloud to extinguish fires.

Prison Entertainment

  1. Magician - Beaten up by prisoners. (Death not shown)

Online Shopping

  1. Woman - Fell from the building and splattered.

Fun At The Campfire

  1. Linda and other 3 people - Burned by King Kong's flaming gas.

The love message

  1. Man - Crushed by a plane.

The Tailor

  1. Bandit - Probably defeated by the Hulk. (Debatable and off-screen)

The Virus

  1. Many people - Infected by viruses.

Defeating the Dragon

  1. Dragon - Beheaded by the knight.
  2. Knight - Crushed by a drawbridge.

Hunting to Survive

  1. Man - Shot on his forehead by a woman with her gun and eaten.

The Funeral

  1. Old Man - Died at the beginning.

Special Proposal

  1. Pig - Roasted and served as food.
  2. Woman - Roasted by a chef.

Tracking Footprints

  1. Explorer - Crushed by King Kong's waste. (Confirmed in

Attack Of The Monster

  1. Knight - Stomped by Godzilla.
  2. Queen, Young Prince, Jester, Executioner and Old Man - Burned by Godzilla's fire breath.

Childhood Memories

  1. Old Man - Impaled by a boomerang.

The Best Omelet

  1. Chef and man - Stomped by Godzilla.

The Evil Prison Guard

  1. Guard - Beaten up by prisoners. (Off-screen)

Hitman with bad eyesight

  1. Eye doctor - Shot on his forehead by the hitman with a gun.

The Hottest day of the year

  1. Linda - Burned to death on the 4th floor.

A Witch Western

  1. Witch - Falsely punished by strangling.

The Magic Carpet

  1. Merchant - Mutilated by aliens.

King of the Jungle

  1. Tube man - Stabbed in the mouth by a jungle man with his stick. (Confirmed in

The Worst Magician in the World

  1. Rabbit - Seen dead when a magician pulled it out from his hat.


  1. Man - Dies when he stayed forever because his immobilizer was missing and eaten by vultures.

Ninja Fight

  1. Numerous people in casino - Impaled by shurikens on their heads and chest thrown by a croupier. (One of them is debatable)

Cold Night

  1. Mother bear - Killed by a hunter and its skin used as a robe.
  2. Bear cubs - Killed by a hunter and used as shoes.

Snake Charming

  1. Man - Strangled by his tie.

Feeling Hungry

  1. Batman - Crushed by a falling man.

Save Mankind

  • Numerous people - Killed in the riot caused by the alien.

Jacuzzi Dating

  1. Linda - Attacked by piranhas.

Heart Transport

  1. Man - Died of illness.
  2. Old man - Loses his heart. (Confirmed in

Stung by a giant wasp

  1. Linda - Killed when the vampire's fangs bites her.

The air balloon

  1. Man - Fell from the air balloon.

Cleaning the Presidential house

  1. Numerous people in the country - Killed when multiple missiles launched and explodes to the specific country caused by a button that Linda accidentally presses it.

A Big Surprise

  1. Fat Guy - Killed when a woman ripped his skull and his organs forced out from his body.


  1. Snake - Mouth is ripped by Tarzan.
  2. Gorilla - Punched by Tarzan.
  3. Crocodile - Punched by Tarzan. (Debatable)
  4. Spider - Stomped by Tarzan.

The Fertility Clinic

  1. Woman - An alien burst out from her stomach.
  2. Man - Bitten on his chest by an alien.

Ninja Training

  1. Fat guy - Stabbed in the eye by a ninja with his sword when the master pointed at him.


  1. Gnomes - Drowned in the toilet.

The King's Bad Day

  1. Many people - Decapitated by an executioner for the fake king's tasks.

Watching a zombie movie

  1. Woman - Eaten by zombies and zombified. (TV only)

Saving the Frog Princess

  1. Fairy - Eaten by the princess who was transformed into a frog.

The Postman

  1. Postman - Shot on his forehead by the hitman with a gun.

A Brave Knight

  1. Two-headed dragon - Beheaded by the knight.
  2. Princess - Dropped by the king from a cage.

Snow White 2

  1. Snow White - Drowned in the aquarium.

Spin the bottle

  1. Old man - Dead body is shown. (off-screen, body is shown)
  2. Old woman - Killed by the Grim Reaper.

The power cut

  1. Prisoner - Executed by electrocuting by a guard.

How to dispose of a body

  1. Man - Stabbed by a knife thrown by Linda. (Temporarily)

The chef

  1. Devil and Angel - Served as food.

Christmas proposal

  • Gandalf, Gimli, Legolas, Frodo and Sam - Frozen to death. (Debatable)

Pool Party

  1. Gnomes - Boiled in a pan.

Happy Birthday

  1. Woman - Slammed to the wall by Superman's blow.

The Lumberjack

  1. Man - Decapitated by a saw by the lumberjack.

No Brakes

  1. Everyone in a bus - Killed in a bus crash.

Always wearing a helmet

  1. Herbert - Crushed by a cow that King Kong threw at.

The Duel

  1. Princess - Stabbed in the eye by a sword that flung from the prince's hand.

Saving the cat

  1. Old lady - Impaled by glass shards.

Being a Star

  1. Linda - Shot on her forehead by the hitman with a sniper.

The first one on the top

  1. Climber - Dies after he stayed on the peak forever because his foot was impaled by his flag.

Batman vs. Spider-Woman

  1. Man - Thrown by Batman and Spider-Woman. (Debatable and not shown).

Another serenade

  1. Man with a lute Strangled around his neck by an executioner with a rope.

The Lifeguard

  1. Little rascal - Impaled by Linda's harpoon, mistaken for a shark.

Picnic with a Magician

  1. Woman - Attacked by a bull. (Debatable)

Throwing Knifes

  1. Herbert - Died of getting stuck on the wheel for many days.

The funeral service

  1. Man - Corpse is baked.

The Goldfish

  1. Goldfish - Out of water.
  2. Another fish - Out of water.
  3. Cat - Drowned in the fishbowl. (Debatable)

Pull My Finger pt2

  1. People- Killed by Superman's powerful fart.

Celebration time

  1. Man - Impaled by a broom.
  2. Harry Potter (possibly instead of Miles "Tails" Prower) - Fell from the sky and blood splatters.

Space Mission

  1. Astronauts - Heads burst because of lack of oxygen.

The Breakdown

  1. Linda - Killed when a car she's in explodes.

James Bond Mobile

  1. Bandits - Killed in a mine explosion by James Bond.
  2. Linda's Clone (possibly) - Killed when a seat she's sitting in launched her into the ceiling.

Blowing out candles

  1. Old monk - Head squeezed by King Kong.