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    Turning to stone

    December 23, 2018 by KillRoy231

    I'd like to say not to count being turned to stone if any evidence in that particular series suggests it is not fatal for them.

    I mean, yes, Monkey Fist counts while the others in Kim Possible were only temporarily turned to stone, but it was a different matter for him.

    It all depends on the show, book, movie, game, etc. Many of them have different physics, like how some have supernatural elements and some don't. Obviously this one is restricted to those that have supernatural elements.

    Hand of Midas usually counts when they get turned to gold statues. Notable instances being Sa'luk in Aladdin and a classic game over in Tomb Raider.

    Lord of the Rings, sunlight turns trolls to stone and that kills them.

    The Black ChuChus in Zelda, does not kill …

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    (Probably more people love the deaths of heroes or innocents because they're bloodthirsty that way)

    I can imagine I won't hear any names other than Joffrey Baratheon or Ramsay Bolton because everyone likes the other villains too much

    If you want mine, Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars, combining two of my favorite kinds - falling and a spectacular light show, because a villain falling into some kind of reactor core or pit of energy is extremely rare, only Megatron from Beast Wars/Beast Machines, Thantos from Twitches, and Rez from Gex, along with a common giant from The Neverending Story 2, share this type of death.

    But, has more power combined with the fact that Sauron from Lord of the Rings and Voldemort from Harry Potter are also spectacula…

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    Well, if all those mooks and red shirts have names now, then obviously they have to stay up there. But as it's a little hard to pick out the more major characters who stand out more, I decided to do this blog. (besides, whoever wrote that might have rearranged some of the names slightly)

    As this is not the official page, I can allow myself to be a little less professional with the way some of these are worded, particularly Dooku and Veers.

    Spoiler alert: Includes The Force Awakens

    • Captain - Blown up inside her ship by a laser turret of the control ship by Nute Gunray, or else on his orders
    • Opee Sea Killer - Torn in half and eaten by the Sando Aqua Monster
    • Colo Claw Fish - Eaten by the Sando Aqua Monster
    • Ratts Tyerell - Crashed his podracer into …

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