Blazing Dragons is an animated TV series created by Terry Jones of Monty Python. The main characters are dragons: King Allfire of Camelhot with his sword Excaliburn, Queen Griddle, Princess Flame, and knights Sir Galahot, Sir Hotbreath, Sir Burnevere, Sir Blaze, and Sir Loungelot. Flicker is the protagonist while the antagonists are the evil Count Geoffrey and his gang (who are humans).

  • Holy Quail - Roasted by Allfire, Galahot, Hotbreath, Burnevere, and Blaze with their fiery breath, and was eaten.
  • Evil Spy (1) - Pushed into the moat by Count Geoffrey and eaten by crocodiles.
  • Sir Gasflame - Is mentioned to have been eaten by Hog in the Bog.
  • Barbarians - Presumably killed by Galahot, Hotbreath, Burnevere, Blaze, and Loungelot in a battle (except for the three vikings)
  • Evil Knight 4 - Is mentioned by Geoffrey to have been fed to the crocodiles for using Geoffrey's toothbrush
  • Duke Rudolph - Possibly killed when Flicker and Flame used conveyor belts to launch Griddle's fruitcakes (which are said to be the hardest substance known to dragonkind) at his robot, BARRY, smashing through it and causing the cockpit to explode, sending Rudolph flying into the distance. Debatable, but he has not been seen since.
  • Breezebrain - As shown in a flashback, died of gastritis caused by eating too much smoked eel.
  • Sir William Furnace - Is mentioned to have been killed by Macbreath with a mace.
  • Macbreath - Possibly executed (offscreen) for killing William and attempting to do the same to Burnevere.
  • Sir Herman the Nearsighted - Is mentioned to have been lost at sea long ago while searching for Dwight's Island, getting lost because he had given his glasses to the giant, Dwight (and was on his way to retrieve them back).
  • Merle the Wizard - Possibly died offscreen of unknown causes (possibly old age or killed by Count Geoffrey), as her final appearance (in which the Evil Knights are catapulting her at Loungelot) shows her lying motionless with no reaction to anything whatsoever. Debatable.
  • Count Geoffrey - Knocked out the window of the tallest tower in Camelhot when Loungelot threw one of Griddle's fruitcakes at him (intending to just throw it out the window), and presumably fell to his death. Debatable (given the punishment he has endured throughout the series), but with this fall he exits the series for good.