Babes in Toyland is a 1961 film, which follows the evil Barnaby's attempts to kill Tom and make Mary his wife (so he can get her inheritance). There is a final showdown at the end when Tom leads an army of toy soldiers to fight Barnaby, however, their attacks hardly affected him and he destroyed many with a toy cannon. The toy soldiers make up the bulk of the body count, however few of these are unique from the common soldiers that Barnaby decimated. Few of them survived, including a few who shot paintbrushes at Barnaby, and a blimp that bombarded him with marbles.

  1. Toy Boat Captain - Was shot by Barnaby with the toy cannon, sending him and his boat flying into a bucket of water where he drowned.
  2. Trumpeters - Two were shot by Barnaby with the cannon, one had the cannon shot right into his trumpet.
  3. Barnaby - Stabbed by Tom during their swordfight, and fell off a pile of boxes and into an empty toybox. Debatable, like all versions of his character (except the original in the opretta, who was poisoned) however he was never seen again for the remainder of the film, and does appear to have been stabbed. This occurred after both were shrunk down to toy size.