Arrow is a live-action superhero series airing on the CW and is the first show featured in the Arrowverse. The series follows Oliver Queen, a billionaire playboy and heir to the Queen Consolidated company, returning back home to Starling City after five years trapped on the island of Lian Yu to fight injustice and corruption as the Green Arrow. He will be joined in his quest to save his city by Felicity Smoak, John Diggle, Laurel Lance, Thea Queen, Roy Harper, Curtis Holt, Rene Ramirez and Dinah Drake.

Before the Events of Arrow Edit

  • Prince Khufu - Stabbed by Hath-Set.
  • Priestess Chay-Ara - Stabbed by Hath-Set.
  • Sebastian Sangre - Shot by Sebastian Blood.
  • Michael Staton - Killed by Nick Salvati.
  • Rebecca Merlyn - Shot by Daniel Brickwell/Brick.
  • Kendric Weller - Shot by Malcolm, thinking he killed Rebecca.
  • Albert Mancini - Killed by Isaac Stanzler to frame Ted Grant.
  • Henry Goodwin - Pushed into a vat of concrete by Robert.
  • Gus - Shot by Robert.
  • Robert Queen - Shot himself so that Oliver could survive.
  • Billy Wintergreen - Stabbed in the eye by Slade
  • Yao Fei Gulong - Shot in the head by Fyers.
  • Alan Durand - Neck broken by Shado.
  • Edward Fyers - Shot by Oliver.
  • The Captain - Shot by Ivo after failing to capture Oliver.
  • Shado Gulong - Shot in the head by Ivo.
  • Sin's father - Plane crashed by the Amazo crew.
  • The Butcher - Head crushed by Slade.
  • Anthony Ivo - Shot by Oliver.
  • Peter - Blew himself up while steering a torpedo.
  • Adam Castwidth - Stabbed by Oliver.
  • Sumilu Kang - Blown up by Katsu Cheng.
  • Jordan Kern - Neck broken by Oliver.
  • Akio Yamashiro - Infected by the Omega virus, and killed.
  • Matthew Shrieve - Shot by Maseo.
  • Kenny - Stabbed by Oliver.
  • Richards - Blown up by a land mine.
  • Vlad Venediktov - Neck broken by Oliver.
  • Conklin - Stabbed by Oliver, and the primordial energies later took his form.
  • Baron Reiter - Stabbed in the back by Oliver after Taiana drained him of his power.
  • Taiana Venediktov - Neck broken by Oliver.
  • Misha Yurievich - Beaten to death by Oliver.
  • Hideo Yamane - Shot by Oliver.
  • Ishmael Gregor - Stabbed by Oliver.
  • Galina Venediktov - Killed offscreen by Kovar.
  • Viktor - Killed in Kovar's sarin gas attack.
  • Konstantin Kovar - Neck broken by Oliver.
  • Xien Ming/Darryl - Throat slit by Slade.
  • Kazumi Adachi - Murdered by an unknown assailant.

Season 1 Edit

Pilot Edit

  • Constantine Drakon - Stabbed with a flechette by the Hood.

Honor Thy Father Edit

  • Victor Nocenti - Throat slit by China White.

Lone Gunmen Edit

  • James Holder - Shot by Deadshot with a curare-laced bullet.

An Innocent Man Edit

  • Camille Declan - Murdered by Jason Brodeur's bodyguard.

Damaged Edit

  • Leo Mueller - Shot by the Hood.
  • Josiah Hudson - Killed in a car accident caused by Merlyn.

Legacies Edit

  • Derek Reston/King - Sacrificed himself to save his son from a security guard's bullet.

Muse of Fire Edit

  • Paul Copani - Shot in the chest by Helena.
  • Nick Salvati - Neck broken by Helena.

Vendetta Edit

  • Zhishan - Shot by Helena.

Year's End Edit

  • Adam Hunt - Shot by Dark Archer.
  • Nelson Ravich - Shot by Dark Archer.

Burned Edit

  • Danny de la Vega - Lit on fire by Firefly and burned to death.
  • Garfield Lynns/Firefly - Lit himself on fire.

Trust But Verify Edit

  • Blake - Died from blood loss after being shot by the Hood
  • Cavanaugh - Shot by Diggle with a grenade launcher.
  • Paul Knox - Neck broken by the Hood.
  • Ted Gaynor - Shot in the heart by the Hood.

Betrayal Edit

  • George Wolfman - Stabbed by Cyrus Vanch.

The Dodger Edit

  • Cass Derenick - Shot by the Dodger.

Dead to Rights Edit

  • Guillermo Barrera - Stabbed by the Hood.

The Huntress Returns Edit

  • Gus Sabatoni - Shot by Huntress.

Salvation Edit

  • John Nickel - Shot by the Savior.
  • Gavin Carnahan - Shot by the Savior.
  • Joseph Falk/The Savior - Shot by the Hood.
  • Frank Chen - Shot by the Dark Archer.

Unfinished Business Edit

  • Veronica Sparks - Hit by a car while on Vertigo.
  • Doctor Webb - Shot in the heart by the Hood.

Home Invasion Edit

  • Edward Moore - Shot by Blank.
  • Nancy Moore - Shot by Blank.
  • Edward Rasmus - Suffocated to death after Blank stabbed him in the arm.
  • Mr. Robbins - Shot by Blank.
  • Mr. Blank - Stabbed by Oliver.

Darkness on the Edge of Town Edit

  • Brian Markov - Shot by Malcolm.

Sacrifice Edit

  • Thomas Merlyn - Killed in the earthquake caused by his father, Malcolm Merlyn.

Season 2 Edit

City of Heroes Edit

  • Mayor Altman - Shot by the Hoods.

Broken Dolls Edit

  • Barton Mathis/The Dollmaker - Stabbed by the Canary.

Crucible Edit

  • Xavier Reed/The Mayor - Injected with Mirakuru by Brother Blood, killing him.

League of Assassins Edit

  • Al-Owal - Neck broken by Sara.

State vs. Queen Edit

  • Cecil Adams/Count Vertigo - Shot by Arrow.

The Scientist Edit

  • Maxwell Stanton - Injected with Mirakuru by Brother Blood, killing him.

Three Ghosts Edit

  • Lucas Hilton - Forced to shoot himself in the head by Gold.
  • Cyrus Gold/The Acolyte - Toxic chemicals splashed on his face after Oliver shot and destroyed a vat of chemicals.

Blind Spot Edit

  • Maya Resik - Killed by Brother Blood.
  • Officer Daily - Shot by Laurel, thinking he was Brother Blood.

Tremors Edit

  • Bo Travis - Died of blood loss after removing Bronze Tiger's claws from under his skin.

Time of Death Edit

  • Eddie Walczak - Shot by Clock King.

Suicide Squad Edit

  • Mark Scheffer/Shrapnel - Head blown up by Waller when he tried to escape.
  • Alexi Leonov - Stabbed in the eye by Slade.
  • Gholem Qadir - Stabbed in the back by Bronze Tiger.

Birds of Prey Edit

  • Frank Bertinelli - Shot by a SWAT officer trying to kill the vigilantes.

Seeing Red Edit

  • Moira Queen - Stabbed by Slade Wilson/Deathstroke.

City of Blood Edit

  • Officer Kelton - Neck broken by Ripped.

Streets of Fire Edit

  • Ripped - Blown up with a grenade by Lance.
  • Kate Spencer - Neck broken by one of Slade's soldiers.
  • Sebastian Blood/Brother Blood - Stabbed by Ravager.

Unthinkable Edit

  • Isabel Rochev/Ravager - Neck broken by Nyssa.

Season 3 Edit

The Calm Edit

  • Sara Lance/The Canary - Shot by Thea, drugged by Malcolm Merlyn

Sara Edit

  • Erlich Kelso - Shot in the heart by Komodo.
  • Tim Kaufman - Shot by Komodo.

Guilty Edit

  • Emilio Ortega/Paco - Killed by Stanzler.
  • Isaac Stanzler - Shot by Cupid.

Draw Back Your Bow Edit

  • Kirby Bates - Stabbed by Cupid.
  • Kai Wu - Killed by Captain Boomerang.

Left Behind Edit

  • Jose Anton - Beaten to death by Brick.

Midnight City Edit

  • Richard Ford - Shot by Brick.

Canaries Edit

  • Anthony Walker - Blew himself up in an attempt to kill Arrow.
  • Chase - Drank cyanide.

The Offer Edit

  • Mouthpiece - Shot by Ra's al Ghul.

Suicidal Tendencies Edit

  • Floyd Lawton/Deadshot - Killed when the building he was on exploded.

This Is Your Sword Edit

  • Maseo Yamashiro/Sarab - Stabbed by Tatsu Yamashiro/Katana.

My Name Is Oliver Queen Edit

  • Ra's al Ghul - Stabbed through the heart by Oliver.

Season 4 Edit

Green Arrow Edit

  • Susanna - Poisoned by Ghosts.
  • Alvarez - Life Force drained by Damien Darhk.
  • Slater - Thrown out of a train by the Green Arrow.

Restoration Edit

  • Mina Fayad - Had a card thrown through her by Darhk.

Legends of Yesterday Edit

  • Carter Hall/Hawkman - Stabbed by Vandal Savage.
  • Kendra Saunders/Hawkgirl - Stabbed by Vandal Savage.
  • Oliver Queen/The Green Arrow - Disintegrated by Vandal Savage.
  • Felicity Smoak - Disintegrated by Vandal Savage.
  • John Diggle/Spartan - Disintegrated by Vandal Savage.
  • Laurel Lance/The Black Canary - Disintegrated by Vandal Savage.
  • Thea Queen/Speedy - Disintegrated by Vandal Savage.
  • Cisco Ramon - Disintegrated by Vandal Savage.
  • Caitlin Snow - Disintegrated by Vandal Savage.
  • Hath-Set/Vandal Savage - Disintegrated by the Green Arrow and the Flash.

A.W.O.L. Edit

  • Alan Chang - Tortured and killed by Shadowspire.
  • Amanda Waller - Shot in the head by Joyner.

Code of Silence Edit

  • Thomas - Chocked magically by Damien Darhk.

Broken Hearts Edit

  • Shannon Groff, Blaine Groff, Allison Lee, Robert Joyce - Shot by Cupid.

Beacon of Hope Edit

  • Phil - Killed by the Bug-Eyed Bandit.

Eleven-Fifty-Nine Edit

  • Laurel Lance/Black Canary - Stabbed by Darhk.

Genesis Edit

  • Milo Armitage - Tried to shoot Darhk, who deflected it into Armitage's forehead.
  • Phaedra Nixon - Neck broken by Darhk.
  • Andy Diggle - Shot by John Diggle.

Monument Point Edit

  • Alex Davis - Electrocuted by Machin.

Lost in the Flood Edit

  • Ruve Adams - Stabbed by Machin, and later died in the destruction of Tevat Noah.

Schism Edit

  • Cooper Seldon/Brother Eye - Had a bullet driven into his spine by Darhk when he betrayed him.
  • Damien Darhk - Stabbed in the heart by the Green Arrow.

Season 5 Edit

Legacy Edit

  • Pino Bertinelli - Shot by one of his thugs working for Church.
  • Sam Conahan - Killed by Prometheus with a ninja star.

The RecruitsEdit

  • Private Collins - Shot by Walker.

Human Target Edit

  • Scimitar - Shot by Chance.
  • Tobias Church/Charon - Killed by Prometheus with a throwing star.

So It Begins Edit

  • Peter Meld - Killed by Prometheus with a throwing star.
  • Gay Eked - Killed by Prometheus with a throwing star.

What We Leave Behind Edit

  • Justin Claybourne - Shot in the heart by the Hood.
  • Billy Malone - Shot by Oliver thinking he was Prometheus.

Second Chances Edit

  • Sean Sonus - Shot by Tina.

Spectre of the Gun Edit

  • Laura Ramirez - Shot by her drug dealer when Rene tried to kill him.

Checkmate Edit

  • Doris Chase - Stabbed by her husband Adrian.

Lian Yu Edit

  • Malcolm Merlyn/Dark Archer - Blew himself up with the land mine to kill Harkness.
  • Digger Harkness/Captain Boomerang - Blown up by the land mine.
  • Adrian Chase/Prometheus - Shot himself in the head, triggering Lian Yu to explode.

Season 6Edit


  • Samantha Clayton - Dies from injuries as a result from the explosion of Lian Yu caused by Prometheus.


  • Alec Tarkov - Shot through the back of the chest by Anatoly Knyazev


  • Jackson Klimavich - Killed off-screen by Black Siren, by the Canary Cry.
  • Jenny - Killed off-screen by Black Siren, by the Canary Cry.

Crisis on Earth-X, Part 2Edit

  • Tommy Merlyn/Prometheus - Earth-X - Commits suicide by swallowing a cyanide pill.
  • Many Nazi Soldiers - Killed by Oliver Queen/Green Arrow, Barry Allen/The Flash, Sara Lance/White Canary, /Martin Stein/Jefferson Jackson/Firestorm, Kara Zor-El/Kara Danvers/Supergirl, Alex Danvers


  • Jerry Bertinelli - Shot in the back of the head by Ricardo Diaz.

We FallEdit

  • Councilman Grovner - Car accident caused by Cayden James hacking his vehicle.
  • Frank Pike - Electrocution via conduction when he touches another civilian being electrocuted by a malfunctioning elevator panel caused by Cayden James.
  • Sheck/Boots - Shot by Vincent Sobel/Vigilante.

All For NothingEdit

  • Vincent Sobel/Vigilante - Killed by Black Siren using her supersonic scream directly in his ear.

The Devil's Greatest Trick Edit

  • Owen Post - Shot in the chest with an arrow by Karl Iscove.
  • Karl Iscove - Killed off-screen (likely by Ricardo Diaz.)
  • Cayden James - Stabbed in the neck by Ricardo Diaz.

The Thanatos GuildEdit

  • Tigresa - Killed off-screen by members of The Thanatos Guild.

Brothers in ArmsEdit

  • Officer Martin Hurst - Shot in the back by Anatoly Knyazev.
  • Marshall Katz - Shot to death by his girlfriend while being questioned by John Diggle and Oliver Queen.

The DragonEdit

  • Robert Baylor - Shot to death by Eric Cartier Sr.'s men.
  • Eric Cartier - Exploded with C4 by Ricardo Diaz.
  • Remy Cartier - Shot to death by Diaz.
  • Jesse Frederico - Burned alive by Diaz.

Docket No. 11-19-41-73Edit

  • Judge McGarvey - Shot to death by Ricardo Diaz.

The Ties That BindEdit

  • Lydia Cassamento - Stabbed in the throat by Ricardo Diaz.
  • Dragos Ibanesco - Throat slashed by Diaz.

Life SentenceEdit

  • Quentin Lance - Dies from complications during surgery after he is shot by Ricardo Diaz while taking a bullet for Black Siren.

Season 7Edit

The DemonEdit

  • Grim Reaper - Dies off-screen after being experimented on by Dr. Jarrett Parker.
  • Dr. Jarrett Parker - Slashed to death off-screen with a sword by Talia al Ghul.

Due ProcessEdit

  • Dunbar - Stabbed to death off-screen by Stanley Dover.

The Slabside RedemptionEdit

  • Derek Sampson - Burned alive in a fire caused by Ricardo Diaz.
  • Danny "Brick" Brickwell - Stabbed in the side with a butter knife by Stanley Dover.

Star City SlayerEdit

  • Councilman Kullens - Throat slit by Stanley Dover.

Brothers & SistersEdit

  • Ricardo Diaz - Burned alive by Emiko Queen.