List of Deaths Wiki

Before the series

  • Some lemurs - Eaten by King Julien II/Night creature.
  • King Julien II/Night Creature - Impaled with a golden spear thrown to him by Grandma Rose.
  • King Julien the Hygienic - Eaten by a Fossa during a shower by his scented body wash smell like food.
  • King Julien XVIII - Putted in his suggestion box and buried alive by his citizens.
  • Some lemurs - Killeds by King Julien the Terrible.
  • Grandma Rose - Killed by Wigman Wildebeest.
  • King Julien's paternal uncle.
  • Some snails - Baked by the frenchs.
  • Hans - Crushed by his trophies
  • Hans' family - Died of unknown causes
  • All of king Julien's relatives - Eaten by the foosa

Season 1

  • Butterfly - Eletrocuted and blown up by the electricity of a eletric machine. (He Blinded Me With Science)

Season 2

  • King Julien - Fell into landmines. Revived by choosing to live. (Pineapple Of My Eye)
  • Magic Steve - Eaten by Crocodile Ambassador. (Body Double)
  • Scorpions - Killeds by Clover. (Election)
  • King Julien the Terrible - Struck by a lightning and turned into ashes. (Election)
  • Cockroachs#2 - Eaten by King Julien. (The Man in The Iron Booty)

Season 3

  • Captain Ethan - Fell into lava. (Love Gauntlet)
  • Butterfly Queen - Eaten by a flower. (The Butterfly War)
  • Karen - Eaten by a Fossa. (Revenge of the Prom)
  • Giant rats#2 and a lemur - After they forfeit the tournament of the doomed, two crocodiles push them to the forfeiting pit, falling to their deaths. (Eye of The Clover)
  • Wigman Wildebeest - Fell into the forfeiting pit to his death. (Eye of The Clover)


  • King Julien - Accidentally touched a landmine, causing it to blown up. Revived. (For Whom the Bell Gods Toll )
  • Koto - Crushed by his statue by King Julien accidentally push the statue. (The Day Before Tomorrow)